We have all heard preachers say “we want to hear God say on Judgment Day, well done thou good and faithful servant'” and tell the story of how Jesus told his parents He was “being about His Father’s business.”  Well, my questions to you, single Christian men and women….ARE YOU BEING ABOUT THE FATHER’S BUSINESS???  ARE YOU DOING THE THINGS NOW IN YOUR LIFE THAT WILL MAKE GOD SAY….WELL DONE MY GOOD AN FAITHFUL SERVANT??

That should be our number ONE goal in life…seeking and pleasing GOD!!  And let me tell you, being consumed with finding a wife or husband AIN’T IT!!! IJS

We are in prime position to give our time, thoughts, mind and heart to God.  When you know HIs plan for your life and submit to it….NOTHING ELSE MATTERS and you position yourself to be a kingdom builder by utilizing the gifts and talents God has bestowed upon you.  Use your time and gifts wisely…their is PURPOSE in your life beyond being booed up.  TRUST!!

Scripture base: Mathew 25:14-30, Luke 2:48-52

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