I’ve never really liked keeping a journal but I’ve come to realize in my Christian walk it’s imperative.  I can go back and look over my notes and see where God has healed and delivered me in situations and also see areas that still need work.  It’s also great to see prayers revealed and answered.  And it aids in clearing your mind….trust me!!

A little over a year ago I attended in conference where RealTalk Kim was ministering.  She is a powerful and anointed WOG.  I purchased her book, beautifully broken..it’s an easy inspirational read.  In one of the chapters she talks about giving God all your problems and provides a declaration template…a prayer for you to release things you are trying to control or areas where healing is needed.  This is what I wrote down:

Problems I’m facing; fear of public speaking, fearing I’m not going to remember God’s word when needed, fear of totally allowing God to reign in my life,..feel HIs presence, personal/financial issues, family issues, inpatient attitude/road rage, fear of rejection and illness in by body…..you get the idea….all these things were preventing me from trusting and growing in GOD…GOD has not given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.  I admit this list makes me sound real cray cray…but It’s REAL.  What I do know is God met me where I was and work divinely in me to bring me where He wants me to be…THAT’S MY ONGOING DESIRE AND PRAYER.

So, after I wrote down my problems, I used the simple prayer declaration in her book: “Lord, I am handing my problems over to You.  I no longer want to live with this in my life.  Today, September 2, 2016, I am shifting shoulders with You.  I am exchanging my burdens for Yours.”

I encourage you to follow this simple but effective model: identify any issues you have which are preventing God from being realized in your life, pray the prayer with the date you choose and allow God to heal, deliver, and set you free.

This is not a one time cure all…I have other things to add …hahaha ….but that’s life…things happen and hopefully I’m growing closer to the Savior as a result.

Scripture base: Mathew 11:28-30 “The Lords yoke is easy and His burden is light”

this load isn’t meant for me to carry……neither is yours!!!!


  1. That word fear can be gripping and cause you to stand still when God really wants you to move. As we learn more and more about God and His character we grow more in our relationship with Him. God freely gives us the choice to make (trade our nothing for His everything) fear included…. Thanks for sharing Carmen.

    1. YES, when we stop letting the enemy trick us and trust the CREATOR it’s liberating. Brings to mind Jekalyn Carr’s words in her song…when the devil tells me I am something, I say I’m not; if the enemy says I can’t God says I can..What God says stands!!!

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