MY desire is to know my purpose in life but more importantly to MOVE when God reveals it.  The following prayer is found in a book by June Hunt:


“DEAR Heavenly Father, I am amazed that You have a unique plan and purpose for me!  How I thank You for wanting to be involved in the most intimate details of my life.  It gives me tremendous hope to realize that my entire life has meaning and that You can accomplish Your purposes no matter what I have or haven’t done.  I ask that You reveal Your purposes for my life as I study Your Word  and pray for Your leading.  Help me discover Your specific goals and plans for my life in order to fulfill those purposes.  Thank You, Father, that You know the true desires of my heart and that You will work in my life to accomplish my reason for living!  In Jesus’ name, AMEN.”

If you are single, for whatever length of time, your purposeful God has a plan to use this time powerfully in your life.  Don’t miss the beauty of NOW!  God is nurturing the soil of your life so that you can bring beauty to the lives of others.  Bloom where you are planted now!—-June Hunt


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