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Rising Up To Soar is a journal designed to help readers prayerfully work through challenging areas in their lives. It’s about getting to a place of acceptance and living life to the fullest in Christ. We all have obstacles, insecurities, or past hurts that we must overcome. I believe this journal will assist you in discovering a new-found love for God, yourself, and other people. As you allow the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and speak to your hearts and obey His instructions, you will start to heal and become whole, productive, purpose-driven vessels for God- no matter your relationship status.


  1. Girl ,why you got me teary eyed reading what you put in my book and then reading up to Day 1 and listening to Purify by CeCe Winans ….this journey is already speaking to me. God is so amazing. Thank you 🙏🏾

  2. All I can say is “Lord I thank you for your guidance in the writing of this devotional.” There are so many things in my spiritual life that I’ve gotten away from and that I know will take God and a willingness on my part to get back to. I am so glad you allowed God to use you as a vessel for others,. (Especially when he knows how hardheaded His Smith women can be.😊I won’t go into details but as usual God is always on time and always there.

  3. From a reader:

    When I tell y’all all I read was the introduction and started screaming, Yassss!!!! I can’t wait to dive into the meat of it💞
    #NoImNotSingle #YesImMarried #GodsWordTranscendsRelationshipStatus

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