Meet Carmen

Carmen A. Smith is the founder of No Suga Coated Word Ministry dedicated to teaching single Christian men and women how to live a God-fearing life of purpose regardless of relationship status. She is answering the call on her life to share God’s love and direction of a strong kingdom builder. Carmen teaches singles to allow God to open their hearts and minds to His way of living which heals brokenness and brings joy, peace and fulfillment.

She is an active partner in ministry at Redeemers House of Worship Christian Church (RHoWCC), Belleville, IL. God has given her a message that stresses the importance of putting God first and allowing Him to complete us, not man or woman.

Carmen currently lives in her native hometown of St. Louis, MO striving to impact lives for Christ. She enjoys attending worship services at RHoW, reading, baking, traveling and hanging out with family/friends.  AND OF COURSE SHOE SHOPPING….LOL

Her motto is: “God first…all else follows.”

It’s liberating walking in your God-designed purpose….Thanks to my Mom and Grandparents for teaching me the Christian way….May they R.I.H.

My Inspiration

Surround yourself with people and ministries that support your spiritual and personal growth in GOD….Whose your FIRE patrol!!  The following are people and ministries that feed my soul:  My Pastors/Spiritual Parents, Ralph and Shay Holmes, Priscilla Shirer, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Bill Winston Ministries, Bishop Joseph Walker, Joyce Meyers Ministries, Elder Leandra Green and Pastor Miki King.  If your inspirational sources aren’t biblically sound….LET IT GO and Pray to God for new ones…HE will place the right people in your life…just allow Him.

In addition to reading and studying the Bible, several authors have given my life new meaning.  I hope you find this list helpful in your spiritual and personal growth.  Each one has blessed my life in innumerable ways.  Remember, NOTHING SHOULD REPLACE YOUR READING GOD’S WORD….ONLY SUPPLEMENT!!

Fervent by Priscilla Shirer

Liberated Through Submission by P.B. Wilson

beautifully broken by Kimberly Jones-Pothier (RealTalk Kim)

The Five Love Languages for Singles by Gary Chapman

Living Single by Tony Evans

The Blessed Life by Robert Morris

Single Don’t Mean Sorrow by Ann Denise (Billingsley) Norman

Inspired and Redeemed by Leandra N. Green

Tablets of The Heart by Alexis Piper and various authors

Inner Circle

My personal inner circle is small but MIGHTY!!  Prayer partners and confidants are necessary in this life.  In 2015, when I gave my life to God, I prayed for strong Christian relationships…I need guidance and He has been faithful to provide those relationships for me.  I pray that I’m a help to someone just as my inner circle is to me.  GOD BLESS!!

I’m Ready To Share My Testimony With YOU!!  Give Me A Call!!