I’m in a season of self discovery. I feel like a plethora of life decisions and new doors are beginning to open but I don’t really know what it’s going to look like. Does that make sense? Being in a state of constant change, for the better, is unnerving and exciting. I’m nervous about where my life is going, the people and places I’ll encounter. But I’m excited to know I have purpose and looking forward to God revealing the details as I walk it out, not knowing all the details but trusting in His plans.

What are you trusting God for regarding your life plans? Are you seeking the Divine plan giver for your next steps? I encourage you to ask Him, Lord what would you have me to with the wonderful life You’ve given me and how do I go about accomplishing your plan? I truly believe when we ask those questions and listen for the response, we’ll never go wrong.

My desire is that my life and yours will be an example of the goodness and richness of Gods love. I pray our lives reflect God’s peace, forgiveness and compassion towards all people. In essence, living like Christ.


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