There was a time I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw…it caused me to turn away.  Self hatred can manifest in many ways and prevent you from living a wholesome life.  Constantly comparing my looks to others or what others idea of beauty looked like made me feel less than and empty inside.  Some people would never know I had such issues but guess what…I knew and so did God.  Here’s the facts, God knew before I knew and He knew how deep the emptiness ran in my soul.  I could tell myself “I’m fearfully and wonderfully made and great are His works” but deep down I didn’t believe it.  I had to hit rock bottom so that God could bring me up!  What’s rock bottom…self loathing!

God is so awesome. He will always place people in your life to encourage you and pull out of you what He placed in you.  He will answer all humble prayers of self improvement because He doesn’t want any of His children living in doubt, fear, shame, low self esteem or low self confidence.  He doesn’t want you or me neglecting or dishonoring what He created.  He created me….so how could I continue to look at the work He is doing in and through me with disdain.

I started asking God to create in me a clean heart…not only for others but for myself.  I asked God to help me like…no love me and my facial features.  I had to stand in the mirror and look at myself, eventually until I wouldn’t turn away…that’s deep!!  Over time God honored my prayers.  He is a God of FREEDOM NOT BONDAGE!  My attitude was a from of bondage in my mind and heart.  That kind of bondage affects all aspects of your life: mentally, physically, spiritually and relationally.  I was no longer willing to stay bond. Yes, I said willing.  You see, we have to choose God and that means all of Him.  We MUST choose daily to be free in Christ.

 God is concerned about our whole temple.  It’s not just about going to heaven or witnessing to others.  It’s also about how I carry myself in the day to day events of life.  I can’t speak empowerment if I’m not empowered myself.  I can’t speak God will deliver and free your mind or we are all beautiful in Christ if I don’t believe it myself.  The very life of Jesus represented power and power is not depressed or bowed down to  worldviews.

There is a physical beauty but most importantly we as Christians should have a spiritual beauty.  Once I allowed God to work on my “inner” beauty it flowed to the outside.  No my nose and lips haven’t changed but how I see them has because God changed my heart.

I’m a living breathing witness that whatever you place in Gods hands He will either discard or make new.  So next time you look in the mirror…listen to what God’s voice says about you.  Ask Him to open your eyes to see what he sees about you.  Listen to His voice of love and approval.  Open your heart to Him and allow Holy Spirit to make you new and free from the inside out!   God’s mirror mirror is the only mirror that matters.


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