January 28, 2019 I started writing my first devotional journal.  Here it is January 28, 2020 and my journal is now published and I’ll have my first book signing in 4 days.  Talk about an unexpected journey.  I never imagined in a million years that I would be a published author.  I never thought I had that much to say let alone people wanting to hear from me.  I knew I had a plethora of conversations in my head but didn’t know how to articulate them and feeling frustrated that people were not hearing me.  I often wondered what to do with all the thoughts and ideas swirling around in my mind.  You would think I would have started journaling or blogging years ago but I really had no interest in doing so.  Even as a child I thought writing in a diary was foolishness…little did I know that one day journaling would be the tool to start me on a journey of healing.  Journaling was a tool used by God to save my life.

When I started to write down my thoughts, it surprisingly cleared my mind.  I wasn’t necessarily writing to obtain answers to my problems but needing an outlet.  I look at it now as a release…you know to prevent an explosion.  I knew I could only talk to people so much and that’s even if they wanted to or could listen.  Not everyone has the time or heart to listen to your problems, dreams or aspirations…nor should you share it all.  Even now when I don’t journal or blog, I miss it.  I guess the brain starts getting clogged again and needs the release valve opened.

I thank God for giving and showing me my gift of writing.  I write now to inspire, uplift, encourage, and present thought provoking intra & interpersonal messages to draw me and you closer to God.  I view my writings as God-inspired and I always pray that I keep Him first in honoring the gift He has given me.  I’m excited to see where His plans lead and the lives that will be changed for the better because of my obedience and willingness to be used by Him.

The unexpected journey was only unexpected to me…God knew all along.  It is life changing and exciting but I know I’m in good hands!


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  1. Carmen it never cease to amaze me what God does for us with us and thru us. God chooses people we least expect to confound the wise. God is drawing out of you what was there all alone. Sometimes he redirects us because we are often clueless what to do in our lives. Look at you an awesome woman of God. Continue to walk in the footsteps of the Lord.
    Love Pamela Kemp

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