Exodus means departure, exit, a going out…

Maybe I should write exodus 2019 but I chose to title this blog post Exodus 2020.  I’ve already left 2019 and I’m determined not to take the old into the new.  You know the things that we tend to hold on to due to fear, doubt, shame or just plain old comfortable habits.  This is not about making resolutions but walking in the freedom God has already given me as His child.  I feel it’s time out for physically living in the present but mentally existing in the past.

A complete stranger told me during a conversation about my new book…”you are dipping your toe in the water…you have to just jump in.”  Doesn’t this sound like a familiar scripture to you?  Yes…Peter stepped out the boat, into the deep because he trusted Jesus.  Peter had seen the miracles and I imagine he wanted to experience the same.  He took that leap of faith, not worrying about what people would say or the happenings around him…his eyes were on the One he could trust.

I’m choosing to fix my eyes on the One I can trust.  That’s where my peace, joy, purpose and love reside.  When I need help making sense out of life and being diligent in following the path God has chosen for me, He has never failed to show me the way…because my eyes were on Him.  At some point in life we should just get sick and tired of not trusting God.  When we don’t trust we’re left with worry and no peace.  Trusting Him gives me peace…why would I not choose the Peacemaker?!

Exodus…leaving behind the old hinderances that prohibit my growth and quite frankly make my life miserable.

Exodus…leaving behind anything that clogs my heart (spiritually-speaking).  Because I realize the unforgiveness, fear, doubt, worry etc will clog me up spiritually and manifest in the physical.

2020 and beyond is my time to flourish.  Lord help me to leave it all at your feet…lighten the load so that I may soar!

EXODUS…departure, exit, a going out

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