I realized this morning I have entered a new decade.  As I reflect not only on 2019 but the last ten years I can’t complain.  My good days really do outweigh my bad days.  Although the last decade brought me great loss, sorrow, grief, depression, no joy in life…but OH WAIT.. mid way through that decade, February 2015 to be exact, I found my hope, my joy, my ray of Son-shine…MY LIFE IN CHRIST!!!  Giving my life over to God was the best decision ever and I’ve never regretted it NOT ONCE!!

January is a month of consecration for many Christians.  I use not only the first of the year to seek Gods plans for me but throughout the year to stay on track and be refreshed.  I walked out of 2019 seeing some of Gods promises to me being manifested and I entered 2020 with new eyesight and greater expectations because of the “seeking His face” mandate we all have to fulfill.  Seeking Him first will always be what I strive for in my walk…I can’t go wrong when I do.  I walked out of 2019 with more love in my heart and less baggage.  I’m seeing in me what God sees…fearfully and wonderfully made…designed for His good work!
2019 I delivered my first sermon as a minister in training, took my first solo vacation ..to the BEACH, wrote and published my first devotional journal, mended relationships, made new kingdom relationships, loved me more and most importantly grew closer to the One and only that can change my life and give me joy, love and peace…Jesus Christ my Savior.

So, as I continue to live for and seek God, I’ll forever be grateful for my life and will continue to honor Him with it.  I’m embarking on 5 years in Christ and a new decade…I won’t complain!  My latter is greater!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May the vision that God has for you be revealed as you seek Him…20/20 for 2020!



  1. Thanks for sharing Carmen….

    God is certainly good. I realise when we seek Him first and trust Him to lead us our journey is never-ending grow and development. That takes us to places we haven’t really imagined; whether it be forgiveness, joy, peace, love, the removal of false insecurities, greater knowing of self or clarity. All meant to get us to that perfect plan He has in store for us.

    It is now 2020!! This year I will be intentional to be all that God wants me to be, do what God tells me to do and go to the places and serve others that He may be glorified.
    Happy New Year!!! May this year produce fruit that remains..

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