ABBA……….Who do you belong to?!

This song has been resonating in my spirit since last night:

Abba, I belong to You

You are more real than the ground I stand on

You are more real than the wind in my lungs

Your thoughts define me, you’re inside me, you’re my reality

You are closer than the skin on my bones

You are closer than the song on my tongue

ABBA I belong to You

You came running down my prodigal road

You came running with a ring and a robe

Grace is the collision on the way back home

with the arms of the Father who won’t let go

ABBA I belong to YOU

…..words by Jonathan & Melissa Hesler

It’s a wonderful experience to realize God, Abba is my personal Father, at least as much as my earthly mind can allow.  He chases after me and comforts me.  He tells me I’m His and directs my path.  My very existence is because of Him.  My reason for being and who I am is ALL due to Him.  The One who encourages me when I feel I can’t go on or facing new challenges on this journey called Christian living.  No matter what weapon forms, He promises it will not prosper.  He is always by my side. Even the things I cause due to disobedience or just not seeking Him completely, He turns it around for my good or gives me a way out.

No amount of earthly interaction can trump the Father’s love, wisdom and care He provides to me.  So I say, ABBA I belong to YOU!!  What is man or his opinion when I’m the daughter of The King…ABBA, I BELONG TO YOU!!

My prayer is that we realize who we belong to, our benefits of that relationship and what He says about His sons and daughters.  I pray we allow His Word to resonate louder than any other words in our hearts and minds…filling us up MORE with His Spirit.

Be blessed.






I Ask What…Often?!

I have started calling myself the Root Cause Queen.  I feel like I’m in a season or should I say a constant state of change, revelation and just plain ole getting to know myself.  I realize that God is the only One capable of fixing the issues in my life.  I’m talking about my internal mind and spirit and soul.  You know those components of my psyche that make me uniquely me but at the same time should reflect the life of a Christian living and loving on God’s terms.  I just want to be right in His eyes.

So I’m asking God to reveal to me the root causes of my insecurities.  The things that cause me to seek peoples approval when I know I only need and have His approval.  The things that make me feel less than even when I know I ROCK for lack of a better term and no boasting or pride intended.  I just feel like I’m in a season where I don’t have time to waste but still struggle with hindrances holding me back.  So I ask WHAT!!

Lord, WHAT is the cause of my inner most struggles with people pleasing, seeking approval, sensitivities to comments when I clearly know better.  What is in me that needs to be released to God for my complete deliverance to occur?  What makes me tick or not tick?

Now, today I’m not going to ask what again..maybe..but I will listen for the answer.  I believe God knows my heart and will provide the answer for what is ailing me.  I believe He will not allow me to continue having these unanswered questions about myself because I am seeking Him wholeheartedly for the answer.  I believe if I keep asking, seeking and knocking for Him to reveal things in my life that cause me to be stagnant in my purpose, He is faithful to reveal it..and assist me in handing it over to Him.  The great thing about that is He is capable and will fill me with MORE of HIM!!

I will not be afraid of revelation.  It is good for my soul and spirit.  I will leave it in my Fathers hands.  I will grow from this place.  I will RECEIVE MORE!

Be blessed until next time!