I don’t exactly know when my love for the ocean surfaced.  I think it started when I took my first cruise with my Mother in 2004.  I found myself just sitting on the deck of the ship being mesmerized by the waves.  It felt scary and calming all at the same time.  I mean, people die in the ocean, the depth is unimaginable but it’s something about it that calms and relaxes me.  I guess that’s what God’s creation does..bring joy and pain.

Several weeks ago I took a vacation to Myrtle Beach.  Again, I found myself sitting on beach, letting my bare feet sink into the sand and stare off into the deep blue…just watching the waves for hours…thinking and praying and people watching too.  I can’t swim, fear of God’s creation, never the less, there I was mesmerized again.  So, what is this all about, the ocean waves and its ability to feed my soul.

I would like to believe that God speaks to me through His creation.  I’m not gonna get too deep, haha but I believe their are some parallels to life I can make here.  I’ve experienced many storms and waves in my life and when I think back God has carried me through them all.  I’ve felt more at peace when I didn’t’ fight the waves and just listen to His voice guiding me.  I’ve decided to let Him be my surfboard and life jacket.  He keeps me from sinking and getting knocked down.  But even when I do feel like I’m being tossed about and knocked down, He is my foundation so I don’t sink…I always resurface ready to move forward.

I’m choosing to let God fight the waves of life for me.  Trust in Him and His word which tells me He will never leave or forsake me.  He fights for me and all I have to do is stand.  He is the peace I need in every situation as long as I’m intentional about keeping my mind focused on Him…not the waves.

Be Blessed!!



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  1. That’s a wonderful take on the ocean and waves of life. God’s always in control.

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