An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two opposite ideas are joined to create an effect.  I’m not sure if this is considered an oxymoron but in my mind, purpose in pain or purposeful pain definitely fits the bill.  In order to wrap my mind around the things that happen in life, the test and trials, the good but most often bad things that fit the purpose in pain category gives me some comfort to know my pain has a purpose….hmmmm

Let’s just consider the idea that we are really here on earth to serve and help others.  We are all connected by life experiences.  Experiences we must share because someone needs to hear how they can overcome like we did.  According to God’s plan, He is our Comforter He comforts us so we may be of comfort to others with the same love and comfort He provides to us.  Now if we could only keep this in mind when experiencing life challenges.  We are not alone because God said He would never leave or forsake us.  He fights for us.  He only wants our obedience and submission to His ways and will.  Being a child of God has benefits so why not share?  why not share how we’ve made it through our horror stories and came out victoriously?  why not share our pain that taught us some serious life lessons in an effort to prevent someone else from making the same mistakes?  why not share the pain that drove you to step out and walk in purpose?

My journey to blogging and now becoming a future author were all birthed in pain.  Looking back over my life and the various experiences I’ve had have all led to this point in time.  I now know my purpose in life is to live for God and to speak and write as He leads me.  I never thought my life was worth sharing or could benefit someone else.  I know differently now.

I pray God continues to grant me the strength, courage, boldness and wisdom to share His gospel and how His love has changed my life.  People need to hear the pain that led to my purpose.  People need to hear my ‘at the end of my rope, hanging from a thread, trying to hold on to the same spot’ and still trusting God even when I didn’t realize it stories.  May we always share so God is glorified!!

Be Blessed!!



  1. You are hitting home my sister-friend. Thanks for sharing. I shall share also…

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