I have heard people, preachers and songwriters on numerous occasions say sometimes God is silent or when God is silent, we should trust His heart.  I can admit I’ve truly felt like He was silent at times in my life.  But recently I have begun to ponder over this question,  Is God really silent?  As Christians, our relationship with God gives us access to Him at ALL times.  This access is through our private time with Him whether in prayer, fasting, reading His Word or words of wisdom/knowledge from people.  We know His Word gives us truth and life, no matter if you’re reading the Old or New Testament, it still applies today.  His Word lays the foundation for our lives and how we should interact with Him, ourselves and people.  So, Is God really silent?

In my experience, I’ve felt God was silent when I wouldn’t, couldn’t or should’ve listened but didn’t because I was too engrossed in the situation, like all eyes on the problem not the fixer (now this viewpoint may change as I keep living, IDK).  Or maybe I had in my mind a certain way things were supposed to play out.  Maybe I was too lazy to go research that scripture that keeps coming to mind.  It’s quiet possible I was too full of WHY’s.  Basically, just not accepting the trials or challenges before me and trying to do things in my own strength and understanding.  So, Is God really silent?

I’m going to challenge myself to really pause when I feel tempted to say, “God, why or I don’t hear You right now.”  Maybe just maybe that’s when I dig deeper into His Word, pray and listen a little longer, remove distractions that cause noise in my mind, reflect on His promises and the last thing He spoke to me or simply reflect on how He has brought me through previous situations and how I heard His voice.

All of creation is available for me to hear the voice of God and see His handiwork.  Changing my perspective on who, how and when He speaks is key.  Remembering the peace, strength and guidance I experience from my  trusting and loving relationship with God proves He isn’t silent.  I serve an omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent Creator…surely HE isn’t silent!

Listen to Lauren Daigle’s song “Trust In You” and Be BLESSED!!




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