I believe God is trying to turn me into a true worshipper.  I never understood why people would say praise  and worship God in ALL situations…that sounded totally IMPOSSIBLE to me.  But I have always been drawn to the book of Psalm….that is nothing but total and complete praise and worship to an Almighty God in the good, bad, and ever soooo UGLY situations of life.

When I first gave my life to the Lord 3 years ago I had soooo much trouble focusing especially when I would wake up all hours of the night…..mind just wondering…made me crazy.  So anyway, I asked God to redirect my thoughts, especially during my sleep and  abnormal sleep patterns.  What I noticed was God would drop a song or words to songs in my spirit…immediately upon my eyes opening.  This happened so smoothly I had to stop and think, why am I singing when I should be sleep or when I first wake up from a nap….really anytime.  It really is a wonderful experience.  It has become so common that sometimes I don’t even realize I’m singing in my spirit.  Other times I’m like Lord, where is my song, lolol.

Last week I didn’t realize how much I would need a song.  Every morning I woke up to a song called “I Got that..V.I.C.T.O.R.Y” by Anthony Brown & group therapy…go youtube it…listen closely to the words.  The Holy Spirit only gave me the tune and the word VICTORY but I knew the song but not the artist so I went to youtube and listened.  Then the song came on the radio several times throughout the day.  That song ministered to me during a dark time.  But when I say, God gave me just what I needed in the words of that song to carry me through and is still giving me strength to address some issues and believe in HIs plans.  “Jesus is always with me, He is my HELP, I don’t have to fear because He is on my side…..every time you look up you gonna see me winning.”  That’s POWERFUL!!!

I CAN NOT Live WITHOUT PRAISING AND WORSHIPPING GOD!  He is showing me daily how to look to Him and not situations.  I’m learning (because I asked Him to show me Him) to see God as the Most High God, Creator, Majestic, Ancient of Days, heavenly Father that He is.  That is my worship…trying to know Him for Him and not what He does for me…although I find that almost impossible to do.  But what I’m saying is I want to see God for God and all the love He gives me..undeservingly and unconditional.  I’m soooo grateful for my morning wake up songs…really all day long.  What’s mind-blowing is I may not even be listening to music or have heard the songs in a while when the Holy Spirit brings it to me but it always fits the situation or need.  What a wonderful gift from God to regulate my mind, bring me peace and joy and just down right soothes my spirit.

So, I encourage you to ask God to show you how to worship Him, how to minister to your soul and spirit, how to love on you and encourage your heart daily….you just may be surprised at the gift He gives you….I am…STILL!!

I desire to worship in spirit and truth.

Be Blessed until next time!!


  1. I am always so inspired by your words dear friend. It’s funny how God places like minded people in your path for enlightenment. I too, will wake up in need of song and sometimes just to hear a previous sermon from church, which brings me such peace and calms my soul! Thank you for sharing your walk with Christ😍

    1. YES!! It’s amazing how God speaks to us corporately & individually..HE LOVES US SOOO MUCH!! He Judy’s wants our lives dedicated to Him. Love U❤️❤️❤️

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