I couldn’t let this day end without writing about Father’s Day.  I am blessed to have 3 Father’s (Daddy or Dad, whichever you prefer) that love me..flaws and all.  Now you may be wondering, “who are her 3 fathers.”

Well, it’s like this, I have two earthly men I consider my Father.  One is my biological father, whom I call Daddy or Old Man…depends on my mood but it’s always in love..haha.  He loves me because after all I am his baby girl..for real!!  I have a spiritual father who loves me and calls me baby girl.  Now these two men have only met once…at my baptism but the common factor is that they both care for me totally.  They even respond to me sometimes in the same way….smile and just shake their heads, LOLOL.  They correct me, lovingly although I usually don’t like it but I take it (sometimes with attitude).  I’ve been told to suck it up, don’t whine, you are stuck in your ways and pretty much that I’m spoiled…WHAT!!  But even still I know these two men, who don’t personally know each other have my best interest at heart.  They care about my well being and are proud of me.  I believe they both pray for me also.

My third Father or should I say my first Father is you guessed it…..GOD!!  Although I came to know Him later in life, He has become my number ONE fan and supporter….my main go to person, my confidante and teacher.  As much as I love my Dad and spiritual father, it just doesn’t compare to my Heavenly Father.  He is the reason I’m here today writing this blog.  He gave me purpose and joy and peace and a promise of eternal life.  He orchestrated my other two Fathers being in my life, giving me an earthly covering.  He will always know what is best for me and provide exactly what I need…even if I pout.  I believe He is more patient, lolol.

So, today I thank God for the men He has placed in my life to nurture, protect, and love me.  They each bring varying talents, life experiences and expectations to the table but the common factor is still, I’M LOVED by them.  Neither can replace the other and none can replace GOD!!  I’M COVERED FULL CIRCLE…how AWESOME is that?!!



  1. It’s so amazing that DADDY (GOD) gives us earthly father’s who love us and cover us as HE covers us all. What kind of love is that? An everlasting, consistent, yet never-ending and full coverage kind of love that’s what kind it is… Thanks for sharing this message and I’m more thankful that we share 2 of the same father’s 😘.

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