Earlier this week I was sitting at my desk thinking about this upcoming Mother’s Day.  I’m determined not to be down and remember wonderful things about my Mom.  So this funny thought came to my mind…God is good that way…always showing up right when I need Him.  Anyway, my Mom was definitetly a Ruth Chris restuarant kinda woman but she also knew how to scale it down.  One year I remember asking her what she wanted for Mother’s Day.  Her response “money so I can get flowers for my garden.”  Ok cool no problem.  So my next question was “what are we going to eat?”  She wasn’t much on going out on Mother’s Day either…”said it was too much, too many folks with hats and suits on.” LOLOL. You would have to know her to appreciate that statement.  She liked to dress up but most definitely would go home to change clothes first, haha!!  Any who, since she didn’t want to cook, which she normally did on Mother’s Day since she preferred her own cooking (so did her children and grands), she decides she wants Steak n Shake.  If you know me then you know how I was looking at her, LOLOL.  But what Mom wants Mom got!!

We went to the nursery and picked out flowers so she could be the “muddy puppy” she so enjoyed (that was my nickname for her).  I still can’t understand the love of gardening she and my grandmother shared.  My Mom said it was relaxing.  Well I can find so many other things to help me relax but I guess that’s what makes us different.  Although I didn’t inherit the love of gardening, I’m noticing more and more that I am my mother’s daughter.  The good, the bad, and godly…Ha, you though I was going to say the “u” word.  But what I’m finding is that it’s ok to see my Mother in me but it’s even more important to notice the uniqueness of ME.  After all, she taught me to be an individual.  So instead of me gardening and doing yard work, I will pay my lawn guy and then put out flower pots…that’s Me!!

While I’m eating my Steak n Shake tomorrow, I will smile and remember the good times and love my Mother gave me.  I will remember the most important prayer she had for me and my siblings…live your life for God.  I will embrace and honor her memory by living a full, complete and purposeful life.  I will allow God to continue to fill any voids I have in my heart with His love and peace.  I often say a Mother’s love is endless and priceless and I’m reminded of that every day.

To my cyberloves who may be missing their Mom’s, for whatever reason, I encourage you to let God open and fill your hearts with His healing love.  Cherish the memories and life lessons from your Mother but also allow God to open your hearts to new “motherly relationships.”  No one can ever replace my Mom but I’m sooo blessed and grateful to have women in my life that can help me along this life’s journey since my Mom is no longer here in the natural.  She is FOREVER in my heart and memory and I know she would love the people that love me.  I believe my Mom and yours would want me/you not only to survive in life without them but to THRIVE…WE MUST THRIVE!!  And only God can help me thrive.

So, I’m going to enjoy my Steak n Shake burger, smile, laugh and maybe even shed a few happy tears at the memories.  I know I’m eternally LOVED by my Mom and GOD…can’t get any better than that!!!



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