It’s been almost a month since my vacation to Myrtle Beach.  That was one of the best trips to the beach I’ve ever experienced.  I didn’t realize how much rest and relaxation I needed in my life….it did my mind, body, spirit and soul GOOD!!  Being able to go to sleep listening to the ocean waves was refreshing, exhilarating and peaceful.  Just staring out at the water was mesmerizing.  Walking on the beach with my music blasting through my earbuds, singing, praying, thinking and thanking…made for the perfect vacation.  The beauty of God’s creation at its finest…all for my enjoyment.

I often wonder how the ocean can have such a calming affect on me and at the same time render such fear (I can’t swim..nope).  It absolutely amazes me how when I’m standing, walking or just sitting on the beach and looking out over the ocean all I see is water water water.  You can’t even tell where the ocean and horizon start and stop..mind blowing to me.  But as I’m enjoying God’s handiwork, me being me, I try to equate the depth of the ocean with His love for me.  See I’m tying to figure out His love for me.  I’m trying to figure out the height, depth, width, magnitude….reasons for His love for me.  I thought if I could compare His love to the enormity of the ocean then it would all make sense to me.  Well, as I said its been almost a month and I still haven’t figured it out…blank stare.  It’s just too much!!

I guess I’m good with not being able to figure Him out (ha! who am I kidding), because my mind just can’t comprehend it.  But one thing I’m learning is that my Savior loves me unconditionally for all times..past, present and future.  He has great plans for me and I intend to fulfill them with His help and love.  If I think about the stars in the sky, granules of sand on the beach and water droplets in the ocean being indicative of the vastness of His love for me…..then I’m totally and completely covered…why? because I’m His child…why? because I confess my hope in Christ Jesus and that makes me BLESSED and LOVED!!!

So, next time I’m at the beach enjoying the ocean it will always be a sign of God’s magnificent, unsearchable and endless love for ME! And He still has some love left for YOU…..I’ll share :0)

Peace and Blessings until next time my cyberloves!!

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