My Mind, it’s something wonderful!

Before my feet even hit the floor this morning, God already met me.  I mean He was ready and right on time…waiting on me.  I’m like WHOA!! Not that He isn’t always waiting and ready for me but this morning I was just taken aback.  It probably started the night before because I’m trying to focus and re-center myself and my thoughts…even before going to bed….trying to break some cycles (In my Jonathan McReynonlds voice).  Things just lined right up..that’s what happens when you are obedient to God’s commands.  When He says change how and what you’re doing, it’s time to change.

My morinng wake up song was the words, “the resurrected King is resurrecting me.” So this led me to my little praise and worship prayer.  I’m realizing that my prayers aren’t just words to be said but have meaning, purpose and power behind them.  You see I have to encourage myself, tell myself how to think, command my day…set the enemy STRAIGHT..why because I can and I’m tired of foolishness…even my own.

As I’m singing those words and thanking God for waking me up and asking Him to guide me today, I read my daily devotional.  It’s about God being our foundation.  Psalm 19:14, may the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and Redeemer.  This is a bold prayer.  Asking the Almighty to just be in control BUT knowing I have to ALLOW HIM access to my mind.

Then I start thinking OK, how do I make my thoughts pleasing to God.  He brings to my mind Philippians 4:8 which tells me to think on things that are true, pure, noble, lovely, admirable, and praiseworthy….in essence think on the things of God.  His creation, my ability to get up and move, His breath in my lungs, the healings and deliverances in my life and most importantly His gift to me, SALVATION.

Then I start to really feel this thing and tell myself who I am in God…who He says I am.  His child, part of a chosen generation and royal priesthood, living in prosperity (spiritual/physical/financially) and not lack, the head not the tail, lender not the borrower and blessed because I’m a follower of Jesus Christ.  WOW!!! All this in a matter of minutes.  Mind you I still haven’t gotten out of bed yet…GOD doesn’t take long, HAHA!!!

Then I read a FB post about bible study last night, which I missed but God gave me the message anyway.   The title of the message was “Get Your Mind RIght.”  Now you know that was God looking out for me!!

So, I said all this to say, we are in control of what we allow in and keep in our minds.  WE MUST Pay attention to what goes in and comes out of our minds.  I’m learning to heed the voice of God, turn off the TV to study and read the Word.  That’s what it’s going to take to make a difference in my mind.  I can fast and pray all day long but if I go back to old habits and behaviors, what good is it doing me..NONE.

Command your day in God by being intentional EARLY in the morning.  God proved to me this morning that He will bring to my remembrance His Word to assist me in any situation.  This hasn’t just been the case today but for some reason it was very much right in my FACE…I’m GRATEFUL for that display of LOVE.

We should give the enemy notice.  Give him his eviction notice from our minds, emotions and life.  After all we are no longer bond to him or his shenanigans.

Prayer, praise and worship..changes things even your attitude.  I’m striving to walk in the Spirit and have the mind of Christ.

Peace and Blessings till next time…getcha mind right—it’s not impossible with GOD!!

Determined To BE….ME!

I’m determined to be ME!! Now the question is which me is that going to be…Shakespeare is popping in my head right now: to be or not to be that is the question, haha.  Do I want to be the person of old, my BC (Before Christ) self or allow the Holy Spirit to make and mold me into someone that reflects Christ’s character?  This is a daily decision I have to make (oftentimes I feel I fall very short).  How I respond to situations and people, do I practice self control, do I show others love and grace, are my words seasoned with honey and not vinegar, am I slow to wrath but quick to listen without getting my point across or being correct….you see where I’m going?  Honestly, sometimes this seems like an impossible feat for ME.  But the small soft voice inside tells me that nothing is impossible for my God.  When I’m weak His strength is made perfect in me.  If I allow Him to take control and submit my will to His, then these battles I fight daily MUST go away or a least lessen……right?

I read this in a devotional a while back but can’t recall where.  It has really been resonating in my spirit the last couple of weeks.  It talked about asking God for tough skin and a soft heart.  You see we as Christians are held to a higher standard, so I’ve been told, so there is a certain level behavior we should strive to attain…and I do mean STRIVE.  We can’t wear our feelings on our sleeves (oh that’s me…I’m just being REAL today), we must use godly wisdom in day to day situations and conversations, show love to people even when we don’t receive or think we’re not receiving it, can’t always be right or not able to take feedback.  All feedback isn’t critisim or should I say it isn’t always negative.  But if you take it that way then it’s time to look within.  And maybe it is negative or you feel misunderstood, we still have to learn to take what is for us and toss the rest.  I’m learning not to internalize stuff so much…that causes heart issues ( I mean spiritually).  And a stony, hardened heart is not going to exhibit Christ-like behavior.  I don’t think God changes your whole being, like you become something totally different.  I think he reshapes and brings to the surface what He deposited in me at birth before life and sin took hold.  He works with my personality, quirks, wit, sarcasm, insecurities, etc bringing the good to the surface…filing away the roughness, haha.

As I examine the ME I want to be, some praise and worship lyrics came to mind: open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you and take my mind, take my heart, take my soul and never let me go.  You  see, God often gives me song lyrics to redirect my thoughts or just to minister to me.  These words are my hearts desire straight to God from God…I need Him to  transplant and gut out the old ways and habits from me and transform ME into what He sees and says I am and should be.  I’m asking God to reverse ME..give me tough skin and a soft heart.

What ME do you want to be in this life?  I want to be the ME now that will get ME to the after life…eternity with my Savior…DETERMINED!!

Peace and Blessings till next time!!


Mother’s Day 2018………………….

Earlier this week I was sitting at my desk thinking about this upcoming Mother’s Day.  I’m determined not to be down and remember wonderful things about my Mom.  So this funny thought came to my mind…God is good that way…always showing up right when I need Him.  Anyway, my Mom was definitetly a Ruth Chris restuarant kinda woman but she also knew how to scale it down.  One year I remember asking her what she wanted for Mother’s Day.  Her response “money so I can get flowers for my garden.”  Ok cool no problem.  So my next question was “what are we going to eat?”  She wasn’t much on going out on Mother’s Day either…”said it was too much, too many folks with hats and suits on.” LOLOL. You would have to know her to appreciate that statement.  She liked to dress up but most definitely would go home to change clothes first, haha!!  Any who, since she didn’t want to cook, which she normally did on Mother’s Day since she preferred her own cooking (so did her children and grands), she decides she wants Steak n Shake.  If you know me then you know how I was looking at her, LOLOL.  But what Mom wants Mom got!!

We went to the nursery and picked out flowers so she could be the “muddy puppy” she so enjoyed (that was my nickname for her).  I still can’t understand the love of gardening she and my grandmother shared.  My Mom said it was relaxing.  Well I can find so many other things to help me relax but I guess that’s what makes us different.  Although I didn’t inherit the love of gardening, I’m noticing more and more that I am my mother’s daughter.  The good, the bad, and godly…Ha, you though I was going to say the “u” word.  But what I’m finding is that it’s ok to see my Mother in me but it’s even more important to notice the uniqueness of ME.  After all, she taught me to be an individual.  So instead of me gardening and doing yard work, I will pay my lawn guy and then put out flower pots…that’s Me!!

While I’m eating my Steak n Shake tomorrow, I will smile and remember the good times and love my Mother gave me.  I will remember the most important prayer she had for me and my siblings…live your life for God.  I will embrace and honor her memory by living a full, complete and purposeful life.  I will allow God to continue to fill any voids I have in my heart with His love and peace.  I often say a Mother’s love is endless and priceless and I’m reminded of that every day.

To my cyberloves who may be missing their Mom’s, for whatever reason, I encourage you to let God open and fill your hearts with His healing love.  Cherish the memories and life lessons from your Mother but also allow God to open your hearts to new “motherly relationships.”  No one can ever replace my Mom but I’m sooo blessed and grateful to have women in my life that can help me along this life’s journey since my Mom is no longer here in the natural.  She is FOREVER in my heart and memory and I know she would love the people that love me.  I believe my Mom and yours would want me/you not only to survive in life without them but to THRIVE…WE MUST THRIVE!!  And only God can help me thrive.

So, I’m going to enjoy my Steak n Shake burger, smile, laugh and maybe even shed a few happy tears at the memories.  I know I’m eternally LOVED by my Mom and GOD…can’t get any better than that!!!




It’s been almost a month since my vacation to Myrtle Beach.  That was one of the best trips to the beach I’ve ever experienced.  I didn’t realize how much rest and relaxation I needed in my life….it did my mind, body, spirit and soul GOOD!!  Being able to go to sleep listening to the ocean waves was refreshing, exhilarating and peaceful.  Just staring out at the water was mesmerizing.  Walking on the beach with my music blasting through my earbuds, singing, praying, thinking and thanking…made for the perfect vacation.  The beauty of God’s creation at its finest…all for my enjoyment.

I often wonder how the ocean can have such a calming affect on me and at the same time render such fear (I can’t swim..nope).  It absolutely amazes me how when I’m standing, walking or just sitting on the beach and looking out over the ocean all I see is water water water.  You can’t even tell where the ocean and horizon start and stop..mind blowing to me.  But as I’m enjoying God’s handiwork, me being me, I try to equate the depth of the ocean with His love for me.  See I’m tying to figure out His love for me.  I’m trying to figure out the height, depth, width, magnitude….reasons for His love for me.  I thought if I could compare His love to the enormity of the ocean then it would all make sense to me.  Well, as I said its been almost a month and I still haven’t figured it out…blank stare.  It’s just too much!!

I guess I’m good with not being able to figure Him out (ha! who am I kidding), because my mind just can’t comprehend it.  But one thing I’m learning is that my Savior loves me unconditionally for all times..past, present and future.  He has great plans for me and I intend to fulfill them with His help and love.  If I think about the stars in the sky, granules of sand on the beach and water droplets in the ocean being indicative of the vastness of His love for me…..then I’m totally and completely covered…why? because I’m His child…why? because I confess my hope in Christ Jesus and that makes me BLESSED and LOVED!!!

So, next time I’m at the beach enjoying the ocean it will always be a sign of God’s magnificent, unsearchable and endless love for ME! And He still has some love left for YOU…..I’ll share :0)

Peace and Blessings until next time my cyberloves!!