First Fruits, You Can’t Not Do It, Right??!!

I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about first fruits before but if I have and you read it, then stop right here or continue depending on your memory recall…hahaha.  The concept of first fruits isn’t new to me but my thought processes were very limited.  If you’re wondering why I say that then keep reading.

First fruits in my old way of thinking was only about tithe and offerings.  Now I’m not going to post scriptures and debate my points because what I’m going to say is true and you can look up Old and New Testament scriptures in your own study time.  What I’ve come to learn is the whole concept of first fruits…giving to God what He is owed, it’s His not yours anyway, really.  In addition to tithes and offerings, which I had to pray and ask God to give me a generous heart, freely give without questions or expectations (only from Him).  Giving is literally a heart matter and I do mean a change of heart has to take place.  For me that change could only come from God and His Word.  I feel like I have always given to people but my motives and expectations were not always where they should have been…real talk.  When you can start to give whether it’s your time, attention, knowledge, resources, LOVE and yes monetary gifts from the heart–God’s heart, it’s really liberating.

I’ve also come to understand the first fruits of time a little better.  In Psalms, King David writes about waking early in the morning to pray, praise and worship God.  Now when I tell you I was ignorant to this idea…it’s really comical.  I go round and round with God on this matter but you already know who wins.  How could I limit God to just one aspect of paying Him His first fruits.  What a grand way to start each day, recognizing the Creator as soon as your eyes pop open, WOW!!  To me that’s one of the best first fruits and maybe just maybe if I keep that in mind I’ll be more apt to get up (so not a morning person, haha).  But I’m realizing those early morning wake calls are necessary for my spiritual growth……so let the first fruits realizations continue.

I do believe that as I strive to be obedient to God’s commands and precepts, even the concept of first fruits, I know He is faithful to bless me spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and yes, even financially.

Make Him FIRST…..Seek ye first the kingdom of God.  He will not have you ignorant of His ways!!

Peace and Blessings until next time!!

10,000 Reasons…can you name them?

Lyrics to 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman (not in order):

“bless the Lord oh my soul, I worship His holy name, sing like never before, oh my soul I worship Your holy name, Jesus I will worship Your Holy name…….You’re rich in love and slow to anger, for all Your goodness I will keep on singing..I will sing your praises for ten thousands years forever more, oh my soul I worship Your Holy name”

I think I would get kicked out of cyberspace if I attempted to write a 10,000 reasons post about why God is THE GOD of my life. Obviously it would be waaaay tooo long!!  I wish I could write or speak or something all the reasons I’m sooo grateful for God being my Master and Savior.  In all my 50 years of living only the last 3 years have been worth it…seriously.  I can see why some things were, just to bring me to this point in time.  Now that’s deep to me.  We can go our whole lives and never find purpose or think we have it but I’m here to tell you outside of God, you don’t know what true purpose is for your life.

All the material blessings, education, career, friends, family, money, traveling etc etc meant nothing until I found God.  Yes, I said found because He was here I just wasn’t paying Him any attention…not for real.  I can finally say I’m free or becoming freer to be me..just me…His making of me.  It’s gratifying to like the skin your in.  It’s freeing not having to explain your spiritual walk to people…let them just watch God in action.  It makes my heart flutter sometimes because the magnitude of Gods love for me…..well I don’t think I could stand the weight of it….so I usually sing “bless the Lord O my soul.” Nothing could ever compare or replace God’s work in my life.  I’m just overwhelmed.

My desire is to be free, bold, wise, loving, compassionate, have the mind of Christ and pure in God’s sight for His work.

10,000 Reasons….forever more!!!