I’ve been trying to keep up with reading my chronological bible plan this year.  It’s challenging to say the least because well I’m not that disciplined.  And truth be told Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy make my brain tired…honestly sometimes I just can’t deal.  But what I can do is listen to those chapters….I just learn to get past the readers voice, hahahaha!!!  I am learning some valuable tools for my walk with God.  It takes all the Holy Spirit to open up my understanding to what I’m reading.  And honestly, sometimes I’m just glossing over things but I noticed some pretty amazing things that I want in my life from reading some of the Old Testament.

I have some bold and dangerous prayers coming out of my reading thus far.  I say this because what I’m about to type in my mind is cray cray but I can’t help it.  When you know a little about God you tend to want more of Him, hence the bold and dangerous prayers.  They are bold and dangerous because they will cause me to completely and totally surrender my will to His.  Here goes:

I want to be obedient and trusting towards God like Noah

I want God to speak to and guide me like Moses

I need the patience and faith of Job

I need my heart to belong to God like David

I need to be teachable, follow my leaders and lead like Joshua

I desire the sight of God like Samuel

I know each of these people had flaws but that’s not the point.  God used them in spite of their flaws because they submitted to Him.  I don’t desire to be ignorant in the things of God….I desire to know Him FULLY!!  I guess I just can’t help myself.  I don’t know how these prayers will manifest or the test and trials they’ll bring but I have to believe God knows best and is in my corner…fighting for me nevertheless.  So although these qualites scare me I still desire them.  I can’t be who God wants me to be without them….I need more than what I have today.

I’m sure as I continue to read these bold and dangerous prayers will increase and manifest.  I’ve heard people say “be careful what you ask God for.”  Well, I’m in the frame of mind to think whether you ask or not somethings will just present themselves as part of God’s plan so why not beat Him to the punch….as if that can really be done hahaha

What are your bold and dangerous prayers for spiritual growth and maturity?? Don’t be skerd….say it, God won’t hurt us!!  I promise.

Peace and Blessings, ALWAYS!!


  1. My bold prayer is that I be the wife God calls me to be to love mt husband as Gid does and serve him like Jesus. Help Father!!!

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