I have often thought about rejection in a negative sense.  For instance, me rejecting someone or them rejecting me.  Now, that may not really be a negative if I was doing the rejecting…hahaha.  But, in all seriousness, rejection is a great skill to possess if we look at it from a spiritual perspective.

I read this somewhere: Rejection is not merely turning our back on something, it is turning  toward something better.  If you apply this concept to your spiritual walk, we should always be in rejection mode.  Why, because the enemy and our own evilness is always trying to keep us from the blessings of God.  So, I’m telling you and myself to freely without doubt or shame or hurt REJECT THE NEGATIVITY OF THE ENEMY.  Whatever shape, form or fashion it presents itself, we must reject it to draw closer to God.  Actually, the close we are to God the more equipped we should be to reject stuff.

I’m finding that daily my mind definitely needs renewing.  For me sometimes thoughts can just creep in and before I know it my heart is tied in knots and my mood is foul.  So I have to be diligent in being aware and rejecting thoughts, attitudes and emotions that aren’t causing me to exhibit the fruit of God.

Praying for increased wisdom and discernment from God helps us to recognize the tricks of the enemy.  I’m mindful, most times of what I allow into my eye gaits but it’s very challenging controlling my ear gaits.  I believe that’s one of my most heartfelt cries to God is control my ear gaits.  What I hear really sets me off at times and this honestly is a struggle for me.  But I believe because I recognize the issues and can speak to it now I’m allowing God to fix the problem because I realize I can’t.  In realizing my limitations God can increase in my life…that’s what we are striving for, RIGHT?  For God to be great and not us…hmmmm.

I will continue to reject fear, self-doubt, wavering faith, man’s opinions and limitations on my walk, worry, strife, bitterness, unforgiveness, competition and pride.

I know that I’m a child of God, blessed by Him for His work, strengthened by Him, led by Him and loved by Him.  He will grow and equip me for whatever He has purposed my life to be so I must without hesitation reject anything that comes against that knowledge.

So, what do you need to reject to keep you in or propel you towards God’s plan for your life?  The good news is that you have the power of God to help you REJECT IT!!

Peace and blessings until next time!!

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