The shifting continues in my life as I connect more and more with God.  Three years ago, I was constantly asking God to show me my life’s purpose.  What I realized is the more I read His Word, it speaks to me.  I attended multiple conferences that taught me how to seek God thru prayer and fasting and surrounding myself with Christians especially wise women of God.  These women look after me, love me, pray for and with me, teach me, correct me and most importantly let me be me.  I truly believe that when God places people in your life, it’s to help you on the journey of being a better Christian.

The shift has occurred from seeking purpose to fulfilling purpose.  I’ve noticed that now the conferences I attend are to teach me how to: how to be obedient to God’s word, how to work in ministry, how to be bold in God’s work, how to be confident and godly-proud of the person He is transforming me into…a woman of God (WOG)!!  Never thought I would be called by that name.

We are dying and growing daily…dying to the flesh and growing in the knowledge of God.  My Mom and Auntee Denise (Neisy) used to say “living for God gets sweeter and sweeter.”  I didn’t understand that until now.  The more He changes me the more I realize I need to change.  I try not to focus on the negative and beat myself up because if God breaks me, He is doing it with love and for a greater purpose.  Now all I have to do is be patient in the process.  Sometimes I think “OMG, more change…how wicked am I??”  Nevertheless, I’m loving the new and improved Carmen.  God is searching and changing my heart ALL at the same time….SHIFTING.


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