Hello My Cyberloves, it’s been a minute but I’m baaaack!!  I’m so glad it’s daylight savings time I feel some energy bursts even though I feel a little sleep deprived.  But never the less, blogging is what I do so here goes something…haha!

I feel things shifting in my Christian walk.  My prayers are focused less on asking God for stuff but more on trying to know Him in a more intimate personal way.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to distinguish my praise and worship from thanking Him for what He has done or given me to just focusing on His deity.  It seems it’s a very fine line in my mind.  But as I spend my quiet time with my Savior, I try to pray His various names that mean something to me.  For instance, being delivered from depression I know first hand Jehovah Shalom.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through treatment, I was introduced to Jehovah Rophe.  As God teaches me how to be a good steward over the resources He provides, Jehovah Jireh is present.  Now what I learned is Jehovah Jireh doesn’t just pertain to money, IT’S EVERYTHING..career, car, health, mental stability, relationships, thrive and desire to work in ministry, knowledge, wisdom and His presence…I could go on but you get my point.  El Roi sees and cares about me and everything pertaining to me.  Now I’m learning who Jehovah Nissi is to me.  Going before me and fighting battles triumphantly on my behalf.  My greatest prayer is that God be Adonai in my life…RULER AND MASTER OVER EVERYTHING PERTAINING TO ME, LEADING AND GUIDING ME INTO HIS WILL.

I will continue to pray, praise and worship the God of my Salvation who is the Master of inner healing..making me beautiful from the inside out.  Now that definitely takes divine intervention..hahaha!!

Peace, Love and Hope to You All!!

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