Sometimes you just have to call a demon a demon, an unclean spirit an unclean spirit, a stronghold a stronghold.  Call it what is so your healing and deliverance can manifest. Let’s talk about denial in the context of these stumbling blocks.  Denial is what keeps us bound as Christians.  We aren’t perfect just because we have repented of our sins and come unto repentance.  God is perfecting us daily….day by day, glory to glory.  So with that being said, we must realize each and every day that we NEED God to fix us, AGAIN & CONTINUOUSLY.  Fix our minds, hearts, attitudes and emotions.  I’m learning that my thought processes outside of God are just WHACK!!  But because He loves me and I love Him, I welcome His correction..sometimes haha.

I do realize if my desire is to be with Him in eternity there is work for me to do here on earth first.  The work starts within, my inner healing.  I can’t expect to be great in God with a foul heart and life, that’s a recipe for death.

Denial is the act of declaring something untrue.  Denial prevents you from healing, forgiving and loving.  As you can see, denial prevents you from being obedient to God’s word, that’s a sin.  But because God is the God of creation, He already knows our hearts and faults.  He knows what we need and is more than willing and capable of solving ALL the problems, hurts and harms we have or will have in this life.

When we don’t admit we have unforgiveness in our hearts towards someone we hinder our relationship and progression with God.  Denial makes you hold on to things you should let go.  Denial makes you think your bad behavior is justified.

Let me be more specific and personal.  I have been battling with my weight since my thirties.  I wasn’t an obese child or teenager. But once I hit my 30’s baaaabbbby, it’s just been an up and down rollercoaster ride: exercise, eat healthy, loose weight then something in life would happen and I would forfeit all that only to return to bad eating habits and no exercise….weight gain resumes.  Well the last month or so the light bulb finally went off.  God is sooo gracious!  He answers prayers and knows what every tear shed means.  I asked God to show me the root cause of my problem.  I couldn’t keep doing this, I needed off this ride ASAP.  Suddenly the scriptures about gluttony became real to me.  “Yes Boo, you have an issue with food.  you have been using food as a crutch instead of trusting God…making food my idol…sinning!”

So, what did I do after this divine revelation…I confessed (accepted my issue) the problem then I asked God to forgive me for making food an idol.  That’s what the spirit of gluttony is ..overeating, overindulgence, looking for comfort in something outside of God.  All this was affecting the temple God has blessed me with.”  Then I found scriptures, wrote them out, googled gluttony and found a Christian article addressing the very thing I was struggling with that gave me more insight and more scriptures to aide in my healing.  God will heal and direct you to success.  The healing didn’t come weeks later but He gave me an immediate release.  I felt my heart and mind change immediately towards food more specifically junk food: chips are the devil…for me anyway… haha.

The spirit of gluttony is sneaky.  Stop saying “oh, I’m just an emotional eater” that’s not ok.  God can control your emotions, stresses and worries….we just have to trust Him and give Him our problems.  He wants them, He wants to show us what He can do in our lives, He wants us to draw closer to Him and not things of this world, especially not FOOD!  He has already defeated the enemy so we just need to walk in it.

Whatever untruth (stronghold), demonic spirit, hurt, pain, or unforgiveness you are harbouring, GIVE IT TO GOD!!  If He has revealed it to you surely He is ABLE to deliver you from it.  He doesn’t show us things and say “ok, you handle that and let me know when your done.”  NO, He is saying give it to me so you can be set free, grow in Me, know another level in Me, spread My love through your healing and give Him the glory.

Don’t let denial keep you from the blessings of God.  Don’t let denial keep you in bitterness and self righteousness.  Don’t let denial keep you blaming someone else and not taking responsibility for your own actions.  Don’t let denial keep you from GOD!!

Peace and Blessing My Cyberloves..The Journey CONTINUES!!!


    1. Yes!!! I’m learning that when I ask God to search my heart and REALLY mean it and listen to what He shows me…things just start opening up. He loves me sooo much that He waits until I’m ready to handle it.

  1. I’m so happy to have ran into you today! Maybe I should have read this before I headed to the cafeteria lol. I’m so proud of you thank you so much for inviting me to your blog. This is very uplifting and spiritually inspirational. Can’t wait to read more. God Bless

    1. Joyce, I’m glad I saw you also. God knows how to orchestrate thangs, lolol. I hope whenever you read the blog you hear the voice of God speaking to your heart from mines.

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