WHO IS GOD TO ME?? Let me answer that using only words to songs or song titles…..

God is my everlasting God in Him I move and breathe.  He is my alpha and omega ordering my steps in His word.  He is bigger than the universe or anything that could harm or tear me apart.  His love is greater than my mind could imagine or comprehend.  God changed my life through His blood shed way back on Calvary that flowed then, is now and forever more.  Our relationship makes me want more of Him, to be filled to overflowing with His presence.  His love and ways still amaze me daily.  I can come boldly to the throne of grace and lay my sins, problems, worries and stresses on the alter where He will meet my needs and give me comfort.  On my knees is where I understand Him and life.  I live, move and have my being in Christ alone because His love for me is so great.  I know I’m nothing without Him.  He is the source and strength of my life.  He is my joy and my hallelujah belongs only to Him.  He is the only source of my life and salvation.  The great I Am is always moving and working on my behalf…He is the air in my lungs, the wind beneath my wings, the footsteps I strive to follow because He orders my steps.  He is the Spirit that lives in me.  I owe Him all the glory, praise and honor but if I had 10,000 tongues that wouldn’t be enough praise.  So glad He smiles at my purity in praise and worship to Him…it makes Him smile!!  His presence and power are heaven to me.

I have realized God is my all and all.  He is the joy and strength of my life, He removes all pain, misery,  and strife.  He promises to keep me never to leave, He never never turns back on HIs word.  If I have fast and pray, stay in the narrow way, keep my life clean everyday, He promises to keep me never to leave, He never never turns back on His WORD….God IS MY ALL AND ALL!!


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