Let’s not get it twisted the LOVE festival I have going on didn’t stop on Valentine’s Day.  It continues to grow stronger and stronger every day.  Yes, I’m loving on me.  The new me is soooo much better than the old me so loving me is easier now, LOL.  That’s what God will do with your life..make you lovable.

I refuse to be in Christ and bound by the things He delivered me or forgave me when I gave Him my life.  That makes absolutely NO SENSE!!  But we know the enemy, people and ourselves will have us still harping on old hurts and pains and problems and issues and stresses and ….you get my point.  Well as I said in a previous post, “ain’t nothing in my past but lessons learned.”  My present and future are bright and God-centered.  But let me say this, I believe the only time to look at my past is to remember where and how far God has brought me: my healing, deliverances, and growth.  When my mind tries to make me think negatively about myself, God or my faith, I can just go to the arsenal of memories and experiences I have with God to see His goodness, grace and mercy in my life and it continues daily.

I am not my past, I am not a victim of violence or abuse, I am not a poor decision maker in relationships, I am not sick and diseased, I am not ruled my emotions, I am not plagued by generational or word curses spoken by me or others, I am not desperate, anxious, worried or hopeless in my singleness, I am not a poor steward of the blessings God has given me and I am not an enemy of God..you see where I’m going with this right?  Whatever the enemy brings to your mind don’t listen…change it upon him!  If he says I am, I say I am NOT (yes, those are lyrics to a song by Jekayln Carr).

What I do tell myself is I’m a child of the Most High God, forgiven of my sins and have come unto repentance which makes me no longer bound to satan, his mind games and his attacks (yes, he can come for me but he is up against a greater POWER).  I have the power of the Holy Spirit which is God living inside me to fight for me, strengthen me, love me, guide me, provide for me, grow me and protect me.  He calls me friend and daughter for my faithfulness and obedience.  I am more than a conqueror, I AM VICTORIOUS.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made in His image, I’m His handiwork in the making–a new creation called into His royal priesthood….all because He died for me and I said yes.  THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL!!

My life IN Christ shouldn’t look like my life outside of Christ nor should any child of God.  Trials, tests and tribulations will come…I’ve been told that’s just life..haha…but Christians have Someone working directly on their behalf to ensure our victory not defeat.  So allow God to continue to love on you, you on Him and watch things change, watch your outlook change, see your praise and worship increase…..see the most important  relationship you could EVER have fulfill your needs and life.

Tell yourself “I AM______” Use God’s word and vision to fill in the blank(s).  Speak positives into your situations or struggles.  God=LOVE=POSITIVES

PEACE AND BLESSINGS until next time!!!

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