I love me some me!! I’m not being vain but glad in God.  He has given me new life, joy, happiness, peace, confidence, and LOVE.  My old self is dying day by day…THANK GOD!!  There is nothing in my past but lessons learned.  I’m choosing daily to live with the hope of Christ because I can’t afford to look back with regret or wishing for something or somebody that isn’t for me.  I can’t live with a ‘what if’ mentality.  I choose to look forward knowing my present and future is in God’s hand and my continued obedience to His plans will bring forth purpose in my life.

You may ask what all this has to do with Valentines Day.  Well, I no longer dread this day. I welcome it!!  I can look at couples and be happy for their love, learn from them and not desperately long for the day I’ll be booed up..lol.  Yes, it’s coming but I’m moving full speed ahead with loving and living a Christian life….not missing out on what God has planned for me NOW at this point in time.  This is such a wonderful place to be in life for me…PURPOSE, peace, love, joy and happiness that only my Savior can provide sooooo HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ME!!!

Learn to date yourself, live, travel, SOCIALIZE, pray, praise, worship, study the Word….WHATEVER!!! JUST LIVE A GODLY LIFE regardless of relationship status..it is fulfilling and fun.

I pray you open your heart to God and allow Him to show you His AMAZING LOVE!!  None can compare to it…EVER!!  He is love and life everlasting.  Everything we need is in Him.  He will provide ALL things according to HIs will and purpose for us. FOR REAL!!

Blessings and Peace MyCyber Loves!!  Enjoy your New Valentines Day, 2018!!

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