February is the month of love and black history.  For me, this is more focused on my love and history with the ultimate mate.  Our history goes way way back, farther back than I can remember and from what the Bible tells me way before my parents knew me.  When you really think about this concept, it’s really mind blowing and comforting–HOPEFUL!

My ultimate mate is God and He loved and orchestrated my history: past, present and future.  I’m coming into the realization that God is my all and all.  He shows me His love daily, even when I didn’t want or realize it…He was showing me.  He shows me how to love Him back by being grateful, thankful, praising, worshipping and following His commands and precepts.  He is showing me how to love me.  No-one can love me like God and me.  He shows me my value and worth.  He has my best interest at heart, ALWAYS!!  I didn’t know the magnitude of my self hatred and doubt until I started developing a closer relationship with Him, my love.  The depth of revelation He can show you about yourself is heart and life changing.  As He continues to love on me and I on Him, then and only then can I really love on others as He commands.  No sense in wishing and hoping for relationships, yes I mean marriage, if your brokenness hasn’t been fixed and you can’t see your own faults, strengths, and purpose….that’s cray cray!!

On this journey of living life as a single Christian, I’m choosing to allow God to love me, heal me and open my heart to the right people so that my history is purposeful.  I desire to love and be loved like God has ordained in His word and so should you.  I think it’s imperative to love in this order: love God, love yourself and love people.  This is the recipe for my life’s success.  God is love and what better example of what love and history should look like than following God’s lead and plan.  Open up your heart to the right kind of love…GOD’S LOVE…everything else will fall into place.  Trust Me, I know!!



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