It’s been almost 10 years since my Mom went to be with the Lord.  I never imagined my life without her with me….I just couldn’t or wouldn’t.  I definitely didn’t think God would do that to ME!!  Well, He did and through much pain and healing, I’m still here…HER SEED…saved by God’s grace and trying to live for Him like she tried to demonstrate with her life.

Last week I was feeling like sometimes I can’t remember her ways or hear her voice. I’ve had this feeling many times.  I’ve read books or looked at TV programs and it seems someone is always talking about the words of wisdom or catchy sayings their Mothers taught them.  But I was having a really hard time recalling things about my Mom.  But how many people know the Holy Spirit will always come through when you need Him the most.  He brought back my Mom’s personality and mannerisms to me.  You see, Delores was a woman of few words.  She was more of a lead by example type person…more action less talk.  She loved her children and grandchildren….like don’t mess with her babies, LOLOL.

My Mother gave her life to God at an early age, probably late twenties early thirties.  So I don’t have a lot of memories of her life before Christ.  The ones that are most vivid to me are illness and depression after the death of her sister, Martha (also one of my fav aunts).  This led to her getting saved and God delivered her.  I remember family members and sometimes even my Mom joking about her temper before she got saved, like she would snap on you as the young people say now, LOL.  But that’s not an overwhelming memory I have of her although I could see it, haha.  I would often get upset with her when she didn’t respond to people who I felt said something inappropriate to her or didn’t treat her right…If you had a problem with my Mom I automatically had one with you…For REAL but I’m getting delivered, even to this day.

But through all this reminiscing, the Holy Spirit let me see the meekness my Mom was exhibiting.  She was showing me Christ-like characteristics and I didn’t even realize it until last week.  She wasn’t weak or backing down.  She was showing me how you bridle your tongue and let God fight for you, she was showing me how sometimes words are not needed, she was showing me how people can think whatever but it’s what God says and thinks that really matters, she showed me how a praying life got you through ALL times, she was showing me how God works on your heart, allowing you to forgive and love people and she showed me most of all nothing beats living for GOD!!  I now understand the saying “it gets sweeter and sweeter living for God.”  Who KNEW..SHE DID??!!

I know her main prayer for her children and grandchildren was that we give our lives to the Lord.  I’m continuing those prayers.  I know there are prayers stored up in heaven and they didn’t just start with Delores and will not stop with her or me.  We will be a saved nation and the blessings of God will manifest in her seeds.

When she said, “your salvation is a personal one” THAT’S THE WHOLE TRUTH!!  Her walk and life were her’s and my walk and life are mines.  BUT I’m glad her life taught me some thangs.  All the words of wisdom mean nothing if the life lessons and actions aren’t accompanied by them.  I thank God for HIs divine revelations that enlighten, comfort, strengthen and guide me AND it started with His servant Delores: MY MOMMA, MY LOVE, MY HEARTBEAT, MY GODLY EARTHEN EXAMPLE!!




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