So, I was once told “You’re like an onion…many layers to get to know you.”  I really don’t know how I felt about the statement although I know what the person was saying.  We are complex human beings with layers, barriers, masks and walls based on our life experiences.  Whenever we meet people and form relationships, we are exposed to their layers…whether just the outside, the first few layers or we are allowed to go on a deeper journey of self revelation, bonding and healing.

That’s the amazing thing about my relationship with God.  He knows all the layers already and exposes them to me as I seek Him. It amazes me how being obedient to my Savior prepares me for purpose and matures me spiritually.  This first month of 2018 has not stopped my inner healing.  Sometimes what God exposes is good and sometimes it’s just down right ugly and stinky….like an onion.  But the glorious thing about Him, He does the peeling and exposing in love with grace and mercy.  I just had to come with an open broken heart.  I must admit I needed a major heart transplant…some hard truths I had to face.  They really weren’t a surprise but I guess I was ready to face the music and GET RIGHT at this point in time.  When you know you have purpose, it’s hard to stay the same…although I want to but knowing I can’t.  People say change is good.  I mostly agree unless it involves me directly..haha…it’s hard work, frustrating and emotional.  Change can cause sleepless nights, temper tantrums and crying fits…trust me I know.  Once I get OVER myself, get  OUT my feelings, CONFESS the problems (repent) and THANK Him for revelation and loving me then I can hear God clearly for next steps and trust that He knows what’s best for me.  He really does but it’s a process.

I’ll continue to allow God to peel back the stinky layers of my life and heart, breaking down the barriers and walls I have put up and allowing the healing to occur in my life so I can reach my full potential, be an asset to the Kingdom, help others become assets and He gets the glory.

No matter how much an onion burns your eyes and makes you cry, we still use them.  We know the goodness it has to offer.  With the proper seasonings it turns your culinary masterpieces into something flavorful.  God peels back my layers and layers and layers and replaces them with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control..transforming me into something flavorful and pleasing….HIS CHILD…ready for work!!


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