Hello again my cyberpeeps!! Before we get too far into 2018 I have something to get off my chest because it’s heavy on my heart.  I know this will bless you (and me) as you continue to seek God for purpose.

Whoever coined the phrase “church hurt” must be RICH!! Back in the day, you just saw people leaving churches for whatever reason..no one ever put a name on it..at least I never knew one.  People just went to another church but did any real healing occur.  Some people even today “church hopping” as it’s called.  Well, my question is when does the healing take place?  If you’re constantly going from church to church when do you look within to see if it’s YOU contributing to the problem.

Let’s face it, church hurt is real and all of us have probably experienced it in some form or fashion in our lives…whether as a sinner or Christian.  BUT, and let me make this clear…WE MUST STOP USING IT AS AN EXCUSE NOT TO SERVE GOD!!!  Ultimately we have a decision to make..keep looking at man or look to God.  Take man off the pedestal and recognize who sits on the THRONE..GOD ALONE.  Our souls are at stake here people!!

So we must ask God to strengthen and toughen us up with His love.  We are commanded to have no other god before Him and love our neighbors as ourselves.  We are told to pray for wisdom and insight to handle life problems including relationships.  Pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you..YES, even in the church…no one is exempt from inappropriate behavior.  But the thing is, at some point we MUST hold each other accountable and pray against the enemies attacks on the BODY OF CHRIST!!!

We all have been the one either giving or receiving the hurt…What part are you going to play in the resolution??  Sometimes it’s appropriate to leave a church but I would encourage everyone reading this blog to ask the Holy Spirit to search your hearts, heal the wounds, and pray for the offender(s).  Maybe where you are planted is for a reason, your purpose, so seek the ALMIGHTY..seek wisdom and endurance before taking your drama and baggage to another house of worship.

God’s purpose can’t be birthed in you if you’re full of confusion, unforgivenss and strife. IJS

Peace and Blessings Always!!!  TTYL


  1. Well, well, well, if you can can’t say amen then ouch 😒 works just fine. You hit the nail on the head saying both healing needs to take place and that people that “church hop” may be the culprit.. We should all examine ourselves and be certain that we’re fulfilling God’s purpose and not our own pleasure… To be molded by God is not comfortable nor is it pain free but if you can stay where you’re planted long enough maybe you won’t have to continue to take the same test over and over again living in stagnation in your walk with God… IJS. May you desire God’s word as a continual feast… Love you.

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