Hello My CyberPeeps and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  This is day four of the New Year and I’m stopping in briefly to check on you guys.  I hope and pray you are using this time, the beginning of the year to seriously seek God for your purpose and renewing your relationship with Him.  It seems most people and churches have some sort of fasting and consecration during the month of January….which I think is a grand thing if you are using this time wisely, for spiritual renewal.  There is no greater feeling than entering a new year seeking God for your life’s plan or continued direction.  For me the plans from last year don’t cease to exist, I don’t start all over but it carries over to this year….building blocks to greater.  Reviewing what went well or didn’t; what should I have done but didn’t, etc etc.  But the main thing is…did I do God’s will…share His love and message of redemption….hmmmm

So whether you commit to fasting and consecration for days, weeks, or the whole month..make it worth your spiritual time.  I know I will have a blessed and prosperous year regardless of what happens if I stay in God’s will..keeping my eyes, ears and mind on God because with Him I can never fail.

TTYL…Be Blessed in God!!

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