Well another Christmas has come and gone.  Spending time with family and friends, making new memories and remembering the old times and loved ones no longer here.  But most importantly not forgetting the reason for the season…Jesus’ birth.  Our Savior is THE SEASON!!.  I’m so grateful for HIs life because without His birth and purpose I would still be lost in sin.  God gave His son, Jesus, the greatest GIFT I’ve ever received and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  So as I approach a new year, I realize how blessed I am to be in this place: forgiven, redeemed, loved, at peace and joy in my soul.  I also know my purpose in God which brings me to this message.

God gave us Him in human form so that we could have eternal life.  Well before we get to glory we all have work to do here on earth.  The message in today’s service was “I am growing.” (Luke 2:52)  The growing is not just for my benefit but others.  God has grown me to do a work so I can’t hide anymore…visibility, visibility, visibility.  God has a way of bringing HIs Word to life.  So 2018 should be the coming out party for many of us who are willing to walk in the purpose God has placed in our hearts…our growth is not in vain nor should it be contained or hidden.

2017 has been a year of great inner healing and reflection for me.  God has done so much for me personally that it just amazes me….stuff I didn’t even know or suppressed so much I couldn’t see how it was affecting and hindering my life.  But because of God’s grace, mercy and love I’m here today…THRIVING and determined to go higher in God.

The smile I now have is from way deep down within coming to the surface..only God could do that for me.  He is healing me from the inside out day by day.  Grief, depression, and self-doubt are being replaced with confidence and faith in the Almighty.

I said last year I was walking into 2017 excited about what God was going to do in my life.  Well my expectations never could have matched the healing and deliverance I’ve experienced this year.  I’m not wishing 2017 away nor am I dreading 2018.   But I am again looking forward to a New Year and more growth and blessings from God.  My Savior has my back, front and sides.  I’m his child and He has me in the palm of His hands.  I owe Him my visible best.  What will your gift to the Savior be TODAY??  DON’T WAIT UNTIL 2018…GOD IS CALLING NOW!!!

I’ll Talk to Ya in the New Year……Lord Bless!!

Peace and Blessings, ALWAYS!!!


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