When I first got saved all I wanted to do was go to church, sit in the chair, hear the Word and COME HOME!  I was not trying to be in nobodies ministry.  I even told the Pastor this…yes I did!!  I know, I need Jesus…that’s why I’m saved, LOLOL.  But how many of you know our plans our not God’s plans.  I must admit I was ignorant to the idea of service.  It also didn’t help matters that I was led to and saved in a small church.  There is no hiding in a small church.  People recognize you even when you don’t want to be recognized.  It all turned out for my good AND growth if I must say so myself.  We are a loving bunch of Christians trying to live a Christ-like life.

In order to live a Christ-like life, you must have a heart to serve.  Serve in whatever capacity God places on your heart…not man.  That’s where your purpose starts to manifest.  This year has been a manifestation of many great things from God.  I’m in awe of His majesty and how things come together.  I have realized the main part of serving is to have a deep and committed relationship with God.  You can’t make it without His guidance.  He has prepared me for many a thing just because I choose to choose Him daily.  I thank the Holy Spirit for being with me so that I can make that choice.

So in the words of Toure’ Roberts, author of Purpose Awakening, “In order to bridge the gap between your purpose and the world that is awaiting it, you will have to become a trailblazer.  God has a preordained trail just for you/me.  You are a trailblazer. No one else is qualified or called to do what you are specifically designed to do.”  No ministry is insignificant in Christ..we all have a part to advance the Kingdom.  I said Kingdom not man!!

So I’m not or can’t just sit in the chair and do nothing.  That’s called being disobedient to God which is a sin.  God gave me a TESTIMONY, a voice, a sense of humor, wit, goofiness, quirks, love, and compassion to draw others to His kingdom.  How dare I sit down when He has done sooo much for me.  How dare I sit down when He is the CREATOR OF ALL, MY LIFE SOURCE.  We have to share His LOVE!!!  Don’t sit down BE the TRAILBLAZER GOD WANTS YOU TO BE…HE’LL MAKE IT WORTH YOUR LIFE LIVING!!

Peace and blessings, ALWAYS!!

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