HAPPY SUNDAY MY CYBER PEEPS!!!  It’s an amazing experience to hear God speaking to you, you recognize His voice and every Word you hear after that is aligned with what you initially heard….WOW WOW WOW!!!!!

I have times of quiet with God and one of the most common places is in my car.  Whether I’m driving to work, church, home, or play…it’s OUR time.  No music just me and God on the road.  Well this morning on my way to prayer I was just thinking over things, talking to God and at some point I had to stop and listen.  Whatever we go through in life with Christ their is a purpose….to draw us closer to the Savior.  I’m learning this daily.   God’s correction is loving and for our good.

The Holy Spirit brought several things to my mind.  Spiritural Maturity-when you realize how much you have grown, you’re not what you used to be but not what you’re going to be in God.  Spiritual maturity is looking forward to the journey even if it is challenging and painful at times.  God does the maturing in us with love, grace and mercy.  He is always with me..leading and guiding me.  I just need to obey and follow…how simple is that..LOL.  Spiritual maturity is realizing how much you have grown and how much you still need to grow…..and welcome it…because it’s all for my good and HIs glory.

Then I said “Well, Lord, I need more of the fruit of the Spirit in my life.”  The only way I’ll receive or exhibit this fruit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control is by submitting to God’s will through His Word.  You see, change and maturation starts with you or should I say me first.  In this sense, Yes, IT”S ALL ABOUT ME!!  If I want to be what and who God has chosen me to be then self-evaluation (Holy Spirit will show you yourself), repentance, maturity, and submission go hand in hand.

Unity…when the intercessors, Sunday school teachers, and Pastors’ all saying what God said: we meaning Christians must have a repenting heart, pray and seek God..always.  It starts with me/you…we are to be atmosphere changers….I want my atmosphere to look like God is in control…fruitful and prosperous.  Lives are at stake including mines.


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