I’m sitting here listening to a song by Hezekiah Walker called Grateful.  Gratefulness is flowing from my heart when I think of all God has done for me; all He has promised to do for me and all He has saved me from…seen and unseen dangers.

Several weeks ago one of my FB friends spoke about how the Lord spared her and her children’s lives while she was driving…she fell asleep….BUT GOD!! I’m reminded of a time when God spared my life.  I was driving to Tennessee to visit friends.  I like driving by myself but for some reason I get soooo sleepy.  Well this particular time I thought I was only closing my eyes for a second like a long blink.  The next thing I noticed was my eyes opening at the same time my Mom was calling me on my mobile.  I was literally about to run into the back of a white car because traffic had slowed down but I was still going at least 70 mph.  I eased on brakes and didn’t panic.  I have no doubt God spared my life.  When I answered the phone I told my Mom what was happening.  She said she felt the need to call me.  We know that was the Holy Spirit prompting her.  Of course, I woke up completely after that drama and pulled into a rest stop.

After that incident, I was always leery of driving alone out of town, although I do it all the time.  I know my Mom always covered me with prayer and sometimes I even said a little prayer.  But it would always be in the back of my mind…what if I fall asleep…I’m not ready to die..I’m not saved.  Now that I’m a child of God and have my own relationship with Him…I can pray for myself.  I’m reassured that His angels of protection are with me always and everywhere I go.  I no longer allow the enemy to make me fearful of driving.  God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.  I know He is greater than anything of this world and His power lives inside me.

God is a faithful, loving and merciful God.  He has kept me safe all these years for a reason.  I’m convinced we are not on this earth by happenstance.  The situations in my life the enemy meant for my harm, God turned them around for my good.  The enemy has tried to quiet my voice BUT GOD SAYS OTHERWISE!!  My voice is a testimony to God’s wondrous work in my life.

Don’t ever think the hand of God isn’t on your life.  Don’t ever think God doesn’t or can’t use you for His glory.  Just STOP and LOOK BACK!!  Reflect on His grace and mercy.  See where He has brought you from and lessons learned.  He is only trying to get your attention for GREATER.

We have a purpose in God’s kingdom and He is faithful to show us if we just seek Him wholeheartedly.  Obedience to His will is MY FREEDOM and MY LIFE….that’s why I’m still here.


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