Hello cyber peeps!!!  I want to briefly talk about rest tonight.  Oftentimes we get so busy with life whether it’s our families, work, or church ministries, we don’t spend the proper time with God.  We get busy doing good deeds and reading inspirational books but not reading the Word of God or spending time in prayer. I’m coming to realize the Word of God is the most important book for me to read.  I’m coming to realize when I slack on my time with God…I feel it in my spirit.  I need that time with my Father for renewal and rest.  I can’t get so wrapped up in stuff that I neglect my first assignment…praising and worshipping God fully.

I’ve been busy with life for the past few weeks that my body and mind were getting very tired.  I didn’t even feel like reading the Word and thought because I was doing things of God that would be sufficient….NOT!!  This week I’m resting physically but also getting back to the basics…reading and asking God to renew my mind and my spirit.  When I spend time with my Savior it allows me to rest in Him, grow in Him, and see Him.

I encourage you to not neglect your time with God.  Make Him your number one priority.  He wants our undivided attention and guess what I WANT HIS!!  As Tasha Cobbs’ song says…”God give me dove’s eyes..I want undistracted devotion to only You, give me dove’s eyes.”  I want God to be the forefront of whatever I do…all eyes on Him.

God Bless and TTYL

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