It seems no matter what I read about self improvement, there are some basic concepts every writer uses.  According to Candace Cox…you know, from yesterday’s post…in order to have a KHAOS mindset “keep healing and overcoming struggles” we must Break FREE.  FREE means forgive, release, embrace, elevate.  Do you notice the main starting point…FORGIVE.  As I stated yesterday, I’m on a journey to a better self image…loving me as God made me.  I must break FREE from all the past negativity affecting my mind and guard against new attacks daily.

Of course I must forgive others but more importantly I need to forgive me for speaking negativity over my life.  We know the words we speak can give live or death.  We know the things we entertain can permeate our hearts and come out our mouths.  We know that roots of bitterness and rejection if not healed can fester and wreak havoc in all areas of our lives and bodies.

When I pray I ask God to show me areas where I need to forgive but also accept my responsibility in the madness.  Once this is done then I can release the issues to Him and allow Him to change my heart, mind and thoughts.  I’m trying to embrace ME so that I can continue to elevate in HIM.

I no longer think self love affirmations said in my mirror are just goofy sayings.  I encourage you to do whatever you need to do to overcome self esteem and confidence issues. My journey is INVIGORATING because I have the GREATEST LIFE COACH…THE Holy Spirit!!

Scriptures: Proverbs 4:23-24; Mathew 6:12, 14-15, 21


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