Why is it that when we go through trials whether illness, financial, family, etc we get embarrassed.  As children of God, we know life happens, WE ARE NOT EXEMPT from tests and trials.  BUT if your a child of God, you have a redeemer not condemner.

In February 2015 I gave my life to God.  October 2015..around my birthday, I went for my yearly mammogram.  Left and went about my life because I’ve never had any issues with previous mammograms.  A week or so later I get a call saying they need to perform more tests because some thing looked abnormal.  You can imagine the thoughts I had but a little voice inside me didn’t allow me to panic.  I went back in for a diagnostic mammogram…still needed more…had ultrasound…still needed more…biopsy scheduled.  At this point “I’m like OH mY GOD” but I still didn’t panic.  The Lord had be go on a 3 day fast..while I waited on the results.  I prayed and asked God to keep my mind no matter the results. I prayed for negative results but I was prepared for whatever.  You see, from the time I got saved my prayer was and has always been…”Lord, give me strong unwavering faith.”  When the results came back positive, I remember thinking OK…now what, where did this come from, and why me?  But still I didn’t panic. I got the information I needed so I could share with my loved ones.  Although I work in healthcare, I’m not trying to be a patient…all this was very inconvenient to me but I knew God was with me.  I didn’t really see the purpose at that time.

I had surgery and radiation treatments.  I THANK God that I  didn’t need chemotherapy which is a common treatment for the type of cancer I had but because it was sooo small and caught very early—By the GRACE of GOD–I was spared that ordeal.  My doctors and surgeon were amazed because the test results always came back a little worse than what they expected but God showed me throughout that process He was always in control of the situation.

While I was going through this process, I made sure I read scriptures about healing and faith.  I surrounded myself with positive God-fearing people.  My go to song was Sense It by Tasha Cobbs.  When she sings “Lord, make me a miracle, I’ll be your miracle” that was my hearts desire.  I truly believed my situation could have been much much worse and I know God’s hand was on me every step of the way.

Now back to being embarrassed about our life situations.  I allowed the enemy and my own craziness to make me feel ashamed about having cancer and treatment.  I knew it wasn’t my fault but a little piece of me wasn’t willing to talk about it and I definitely didn’t want anything PINK!!!  I tried to downplay my treatment because I told myself it wasn’t that serious or my process wasn’t a big deal since I didn’t need chemo (although that was a prayer answered)…I was comparing my process and blessing to other peoples…how crazy was I??!!  What I see now is God sparing me…He only allowed the enemy so much access to me…..WOW AND WOW!!

When I realized I was not giving God all the praise, glory and honor He deserved for healing me…I needed to repent.  We can’t sit down on God’s goodness in our lives.  Our tests are testimonies for others to be healed and delivered.  God was building my faith…just like I prayed.  He loves me unconditionally and gives me His grace and mercy EVERYDAY….how can I let fears, doubts, and insecurities keep me from telling of HIs goodness.  God is proving to me daily He is El Shaddai, The Almighty God who is my provider, healer, Shepard, peace-giver, waymaker, friend, and MIRACLE WORKER!!!

As I’ve said before….the best relationship you can have is with the FATHER!!  In your singleness get ALL of HIM…soak HIM up…give Him all the ATTENTION.  Allow the Savior to speak to you, heal you, deliver you–from things you might not even know you need delivering from.  In doing so your spiritual growth and maturity will take you further than you could imagine.  God will prepare you for your life’s purpose in Him RIGHT NOW!!

Peace and Blessings….ALWAYS

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