It seems like I just wrote to you, haha.  I’m too excited about what is about to transpire in the next 10 minutes as I type this blog.  I will be 50 years old..I’m TOO EXCITED!!  These last two years of my life living for God have been the BEST years of my life.  I just want more and more of Him…more of His plans for me…more of me getting busy doing kingdom work.  It seems I’m just not satisfied staying the same.  I feel like the little engine that could only I know I can if I continue to trust and believe God.  He is my strength and I know He is the ability within me.

The title of this blog is 50 years..Jubilee.  It’s jubilant because I feel like I have only just started to live.  God is answering prayers concerning my life and people around me.  The most important prayer I have is for spiritual prosperity.  I’m expecting greater manifestations of God in ALL areas of my life.  As I obey Him I believe He is faithful to continue to bless me.

My friends were asking what I was going to do for my birthday…I just couldn’t be bothered with a party.  Then the Holy Spirit brought back to my remembrance a prayer I prayed last year…”Lord, I would like to have a year of travels for my 50th.”  Guess what!! That has happened for me…some planned, not planned and plans changed but through it all God has shown me He provides ALL.  My dream trip was going to NYC.  At times I doubted it would happen but My God is bigger than any doubt and when I exercised just a lil bit of faith…He worked it out!!

My year of Jubilee will not end Oct 31st but continue on…I believe that whole heartedly.  I believe God has great things in store for me, my family, friends and church family.  I’m learning the true meaning of obedience is better than sacrifice.  Praying and asking God for a humble spirit, pure motives and desire to do His will….well that makes for a Jubilant life!!!

This blogger is 50 and fabulous, saved by God’s grace and enjoying a life of health, strength, and peace–All due to God’s LOVE!!!



    1. Thanks for the nomination Tracie!! I’m new to the whole blogging scene but I know it’s God’s will for me at this time in my life. Your blog is so inspirational and confirmatory…literally a God-send. I’m not sure how to link this so if I figure it out I will but if not just know I’m very honored to receive the nomination!! THANKS and GOD BLESS!!!

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