Who Knew???

Hello My cyber loves!!!  I actually do love love love to blog.  It’s teaching me how to listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance.  My prayer is that whatever I blog, it’s edifying the reader and glorifying God.  I know this is part of my life’s purpose so maybe that’s why I love to do it.  I was once told “God was giving me a voice.” I didn’t know exactly what that meant totally but some things are becoming clearer.  I pray for wisdom and guidance so I’m in His will.

I recently admitted to a friend how I didn’t like the sound of my voice…never have..I know crazy right?!  This coupled with having a fear of public speaking has kept me bound for soooooo long.  I see now how I’ve allowed the enemy to prevent me from walking and talking in my God-given destiny.  This blog is just the beginning.  God has blessed me, healed me and is delivering me from sooo much!!  I can’t allow my insecurities, doubts, wavering faith and fears keep me quite any longer.  I/We MUST step out the boat like Peter, keep our eyes on Jesus and move in faith knowing God has a plan, He reveals it and will hold our hands to the end.


Blessings and Peace Always!!


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