One of the most crucial things I’m learning in my Christian walk is the power of forgiveness.  I didn’t realize how much anger and resentment I could harbor in my heart…absolutely amazing and scary.  God has a way of revealing yourself to you…breaking you all the way down.  But the awesome thing is, He does it sooooo lovingly.  If you look in your bible concordance, you will find numerous scriptures related to forgiveness ….go look, that’s your homework, haha.

My road to forgiving started with me realizing I had to forgive GOD.  Yes, I said God.  Because I blamed Him for things in my life: death of loved ones, being single, family matters, childhood hurt, etc etc…basically anything I viewed as bad.  But because God is patient and loving…He didn’t kick me to the curb…like I did Him or will do to people.  I want to live a life pleasing to God and yes, one day make it to heaven so love and forgiveness are a must have in my heart and life.  I realize only God can give me the ability to exude these qualities…genuinely.  I’m trying to believe daily that things are allowed to happen in life to draw me closer to Him not away.  After all, He is the Creator of All and All powerful and nothing absolutely nothing happens to me that He isn’t already aware of or has given me the ability to go and grow through.

Next I had to learn to forgive myself even after God has already forgiven me.  This takes prayer and fasting and faith.  I truly believe I’m my own worst enemy sometimes.  God’s love corrects and comforts me through this madness also.  I just have to allow His love and Word to penetrate my mind and heart.

Now something I never I thought I could do…forgive people that have wronged me…past or present.  It’s one thing to say you forgive someone but for me the true test is how my heart feels when I see you again.  How I treat you and most importantly can I PRAY FOR YOU….in LOVE?? Oh My GOD….only He can strengthen me for this sometimes daunting task.  But what I can say is….it’s happening and for that I am eternally grateful to MY SAVIOR.

Allowing God to heal, deliver and mature you in your singleness will bring you so much joy and peace but most importantly a closer relationship with Him.  His lovingkindness is making. molding and preparing me for all current and future relationships…even my spouse.  PEACE OUT!!


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