MY SINGLENESS is saved, gifted, satisfying, beautiful, courageous, confident, free, mature yet still growing daily, wise but needing more wisdom, independent, vulnerable, reliable, complete as in WHOLE, loving, giving, respectful, joyous, alone not lonely, beautifully broken, mosaic, adventurous, caring, cautious, self aware, sensitive……I could go on.

My point is my singleness is a POSITIVE not a negative.  Not a status to be wished away but enjoyed.  It’s my being, my make up, MY LIFE….all because I’m a child of the Most High God!!  This is ME in HIM….Fearfully and wonderfully made with an expectation of an awesome future in the making.

What does your singleness look like?  If you have more negatives than positives, pray and open your heart to the Savior for discovery, healing and deliverance to lead the ultimate single life in Christ.



  1. Love that you’re endorsing “Accentuate the positives and not the negatives!!” In the school setting, we encourage those who have direct contact with students to try the 4:1 feedback method…for every 1 negative statement balance it with 4 positives statements. This practice encourages a nurturing environment where higher achievement, engagement, respect, and effective social/emotional/behavioral growth can take place. Just imagine if we applied that same principle to our lives! Purposefully focusing more on our positives than our negatives! Reflecting more on what we’ve accomplished than what we’ve failed to complete. Being more thankful for what God HAS done in our lives vs what we “think” He hasn’t blessed us with! Just imagine INTENTIONALLY living a 4:1 life! 🤔

    1. Hey Madge, that’s a great concept..if only we could re-train our brains!! And I believe that is totally possible the more we depend on and seek God allowing Him to change our hearts and minds…daily struggle..LOL. When I was driving to work, I was thinking about my statement “alone but not lonely.” then a song came on the radio by Carrollton, Tell Me. It says “tell me I’m your child the one Your heart beats for, I am loved, I am not alone,” so when I think about this from a spiritual perspective I have The Trinity and angels encamped around me daily…SO NO I’m NOT ALONE…NOW THAT’S DEEP!! We have everything we need in GOD…if only we just believe. NO NEGATIVES 🙂

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