I’M BAAACK my cyber loves!!!  So let’s revisit journaling again.  I believe there are some spiritual benefits to writing in a journal…according to me.  There are all kinda journals to choose from, it really depends on you and your focus.  I suggest having at least one blank-page journal and one subject focused journal.

Writing in a blank journal was very intimidating to me at first…I have no idea why.  Maybe I thought I needed assistance with writing down my thoughts.  Well that’s the beauty of having a blank journal…I can just write whatever comes to mind: issues, drama, hopes, divine revelations (yes, it happens), feelings about people and events.  I just let it flow especially if I notice certain things keep coming to mind. Concerns and worries…especially before bed or if I’m awakened by them.  Surprisingly, it clears my mind so I can go to sleep…peacefully.  Now that’s a GREAT stress reducer…getting sleep.

Another benefit of blank (canvas) journaling is you can use your entries as written prayers to God.  Say what’s on your heart, release it, ask for guidance and watch Him work things out.  It’s wonderful to see written prayers especially when they are answered.  Sometimes I realize what I wrote wasn’t even what I needed but things worked out for the best because I trusted God.

Devotional type journals with specific themes,  questions and scriptures can aide in your learning and meditating on scripture, applying them to daily living, and identifying areas for growth.  I’ve even seen journals targeted to certain groups of people.  For instance, my Mom had a journal that required her to write and answer specific things related to what she wanted her children to know about her.  THIS IS A GEM TO ME!!!  When she transitioned in 2008, me and my siblings took turns reading it…it’s like we have a forever piece of her on paper.  We often know what’s important to people but to see it written down is just PRICELESS!!  One day I’ll share it with her grandchildren 🙂

SO, whatever type of journaling you decide to participate in, I believe it can totally be life changing when it’s used to grow and edify you personally and spiriutally.  PEACE OUT!!


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