Hello Peeps!!!  The next couple of days I’m going to post prayers that resonate with my spirit.  These are prayers I’ve seen online but really speak to my situation.  Yes, I still pray and let the Holy Spirit lead me and not just pray these prayers.  But I feel if a prayer hits your spirit, then its meant for you to pray it.  I pray you benefit from the prayers as well….add your own two cents…personalize it and pray sincerely:

Kingdom Agenda (that’s the title I’m giving it..unsure of the author)…Lord, work out your kingdom agenda in me.  I am yours.  Let me be a living sacrifice, salt, and light.  If you bring someone into my life who submits to Your will and will help me to love you more, then let that person be evident to me; let me not miss Your provision.  And if not, let me be content with Your provision and at ease in my singleness as I seek first the kingdom of heaven.—AMEN


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