I’m not going to be Chatty Carmen (like Chatty Cathy the doll—hahaha) tonite.  It’s been a long week already but I do want to share this thought on being authentically YOU.  It’s a thin line between admiration and idolization.  There’s nothing wrong with admiring a person or their gift/skill..just leave it there minimal admiration and keep it moving.  Allow God to develop YOU/ME.  Recognize the difference so you don’t loose yourself in someone or something.  We all know the first two Biblical commandments which state “You shall have no other gods before Me” and “You shall not make for yourself a carved image”…….both are self explanatory but very easily forgotten or not recognizable if your not careful and prayerful.  We are humans so with that in mind you limit your disappointment if someone falls short of your expectations.  So basically, check your heart, mind, and thoughts regarding people, places, and things…even wants.  DOES IT LINE UP WITH GOD AND HIS PLANS??!!  Peace OUT..TTYL

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