It’s been one week since I started blogging daily…except for this weekend.  This blog message really resonates in my spirit.  Being authentically me takes some hard WORK!! But I can attest to God’s divine WORK in the process.  Let me explain…once upon a time I wished, hoped, worried, envied, even coveted peoples relationships.  I wasn’t happy in my life and thought a man was the be all end all and I couldn’t understand why I was the only single person in the world…or so it seemed.  This was a miserable existence to say the least.  BUT GOD….He fills every void.  When I realized I’m a child of GOD…royalty even and what He has for me will come when He sees fit, that changed my mind set.  I’m allowing the Almighty to make and prepare me for HIM and later him (meaning by spouse, because I do believe that’s in His will for me) but only after He works on me..healing my brokenness for His glory.

Me being authentic no longer looks like me envying peoples relationships, wishing I looked like, walked like, talked like, prayed like, etc etc like someone else.  God made each one of us uniquely, gifted, and talented to walk in the purpose He has for us.  Seek the mind and heart of God for your Christian walk.  This keeps our perspective clearly on Him.  We each have a part to play in the kingdom..if I’m not being me…who is??  Be a humble, fabulous child of God by staying in the lane He has for you.

When I see couples now I’m happy for them.  But I’m also happy for me.  I want single men and women to have the happiness and joy I’ve found in my singe Christian walk.  I can see my growth in God and I want more.  Don’t fall for the negative rhetoric of the enemy.  God’s kingdom is full of Christian men and women living for Him, fulfilling their purpose, and waiting for God to allow their paths to cross with thier mates.  We just need to allow Him to prepare us for the meeting in HIs timing.  All the  good men aren’t taken, they’re not all in jail or unemployed, all women aren’t bitter and have a house full of babies, you are more than good enough…God’s Kingdom is BLESSED not cursed and FULL OF AUTHENTIC MEN AND WOMEN!!

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