There is a practice in the dating world suggesting how to find your mate by going to various places, events, cities with the intention of meeting your mate.  I feel this conferences are mostly geared to women seeking to marry men and trying to make us more aggressive in the HUNT.  This is off on so many levels but mainly because women aren’t supposed to be the “hunters.”  (I use that term loosely)  The concept is Get out of your ordinary routine, try new things….which nothing is wrong with that concept until you make the sole purpose about meeting men.  I attended a conference and the speaker made this suggestion…just go golfing or something…like hang out at golfing events was the example…this disturbed me on sooo many levels.  I have no problem with broadening my horizons but when I tried to adopt that practice I was left feeling frustrated, depressed..even more angry and downright disappointed…let alone subjecting myself to constant hits at my self esteem and confidence….NEEDLESSLY!!  Who wants to always feel like this whenever they go somewhere..hoping and wishing for a love connection…ugghh!!!  What if I meet someone at a golfing event or anywhere I don’t have a true interest in.. how would that conversation go?:  “so you golf”…”no”…”why are you here”…”hmmmm.”  I may be over exaggerating but that’s not the life for me nor do I recommend it for single Christians.

How about just live your life IN CHRIST, do things you enjoy, with or without people, try new activities, food, travel, etc only if you have a true interest and definitely not hoping and wishing and worrying about meeting someone.

Do YOU!!  Lead the life God has given and planned for you.  If you don’t know what that is…Seek His face and heart…He is faithful to direct you every step of the way.  What I have found is that when I seek God for my purpose, then live and walk in it…I don’t have time or brain power to worry about my future mate.  God is very capable of that duty…TRUST ME!!!

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