I’m sure everyone is familiar with the Capital One credit card commercial..”Who’s in your wallet.”  Well, here’s my question, “Who’s in your spiritual circle?”  We all need a set of really good wise, praying and loving friends.  These friends also are your cheering section, your confidants but they “check” you when your out of order…and vice versa.  I’ve found it’s really important ..paramount even to seek God for Godly relationships, especially in my singleness.  The enemy will try to tell you all sorts of lies: you’ll never have anyone, your lonely, your not good enough, no one will accept you etc etc etc…..all these thoughts can bring about depression, low self esteem, low confidence which can lead to all sorts of things that wreak havoc in our lives.  Knowing God’s word helps combat the enemy.  When you know your a child of God and He wants nothing but the best for you including healthy relationships, you can start allowing Him to transform your mind and ENJOY being single.

One particular scripture stands out the most to me when I first got saved and was seeking God for Christian friends:  Proverbs 18:24 A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother  KJV (this is one my Mom always used on me)

Although I prayed for Godly relationships, my first request was “God fix me…show me how to be friendly and open to people.”  Allowing God to search and cleanse my heart and mind is the first step to being whole in Him.  Our relationship with God is the first and most important relationship.  As I allow Him to heal me, I’m becoming more trusting and receptive to people.  God has placed some wonderful men and women in my life to walk this Christian journey with me…..don’t limit your thinking to just praying for a mate..that will come in God’s timing…there is soooo much more to life…JUST ASK THE FATHER< He’ll tell YOU!!


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